"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Coveting till immortality ..

Holding my breath in excitation,
Controlling the skips of heart in every motion.
The time I see you everything stops,
The time you hold me I am apart.
Your clasp entwining me in grip,
The warmth i feel it softens every need.
I expect from you,
I want from you,
I crave from you,
I long from you,
I covet you,
I dzire you.
I am quenched off my thirst, 
When you are with me,
When your affexion rises to reach me,
You go deep inside there in our SOUL..

Saturday, October 30, 2010

One day it will flow out..

It's in there no matter how hard you try,
It is sticking there in heart no matter how hard you pull;
It is beating with each second of time,
It is plucking each emotion out of you,
It is pricking each pore of your skin,
It is fluttering with every whisper you make,
It is compressing with each no you reply,
It is numbing with every cold word you throw,
It is penancing for every moment that passes,
It is sticking there in heart no matter how hard you pull,
It's there no matter how hard you try;
But it will flow out one day ,
And then there would be all smiles or all tears 
Too cumbersome to be explicable.. 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Living with dream's of you..

Missing someone with all my heart.It takes a lot to forget someone and it takes a hell lot if you want to forget yet keep the remains or lets say the memoirs related to that person.Sometimes it happens that you want to speak out something and you have the sphere the opportunity but you become speechless and you decide next time surely I am gonna blabber it out no matter how much amount of courage it takes.But it is not which comes easily the next time I mean the word courage.I have loved the time spent with you and will always cherish it no matter how far you may be from me.You have touched lots of soul as you say but You have done it differently with me.It's a piece which i dedicate to you wholly and eternally.No one will be as good as you ever and I know it for sure.Yeah I haven't had enough of life yet but i can be sure of this thing forever.I have never known that how the time passes and used to pass with you, Literally i crave for more every time.The imaginary sprinkling of rain,the silent valley,the green meadows with blue sky on top,the celebration with you of the good times,the sharing of sorrow with you of the bad times
and every next thing which i have done with you or wish to do. I feel this relation is eternal and I may have not uttered it though but around everyone does says that to me.I feel secure and complete with you.You may not be perfect I may not be perfect but when we are together we simply are impeccable.I don't take in the errors with you and neither you take of me so we become perfect. Soul mate as they say is not what you know at first glance or first sight it's a realization some take time for it some take some other things depending upon the subtlety and the compatibility.I don't long to lose you ever but In Love separation is inescapable and now i know how true it means and feels.We will be back I am waiting for you and will always wait for you let me correct the real you no matter if it takes this lifetime even .

It must've been your story it can be your story..Well never mind it wasn't mine .
But I wish every love story could escape the big truth and every girl or boy could say the three beautiful words easily to whom they wanted to.Though it can when you have the power to feel the reality in each other.And when you have finally blabbered out It's not how you find happiness with him or her but how you know the bitter-sweet feeling of having to live far from each other yet with each other(the memories of YOU).  

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

आपसे मिला दिया ..

रब से हमने दर्द था माँगा, 

आसमान में उगता नया सवेरा दिखा दिया |
रब से हमने ख़ुशी थी मांगी ,
रहो में बिलक्ता एक बच्चा दिखा दिया |
रब से हमने दिल था माँगा ,
उसने तन्हाई के लम्हे दिखा दिए |
रब से हमने अकेलापन था माँगा,
दिल को छुते कुछ दोस्त भेज दिए | 
रब से हमने आसूं थे मांगे ,
हस्ता हुआ एक नन्हा फ़रिश्ता दिखा दिया | 
रब से हमने थी मांगी मौत अपने लिए, 
उसने हमे आपसे मिला दिया .....||

Monday, October 18, 2010

Aditi Forever Yours..

12am-14 February
A number blinked and she heard “Summer has come and passed..” and she smiled and picked up the call. He wished her happy valentine my love. How have you been in these two days? She answered “Not so good without you. Tell me when are you coming back to hold me in your arms tight?” He said honey I will ring you up in twenty minutes as our flight will land and then I can talk without any network break. She replied “Ok”.
And the call cut. She held his pillow close to herself and longed for the moment that really had him holding her and not she holding his pillow.

3am-14 February
She was called down by her mother in-law. “Aditi…Come down fast” she said in a serious tone on the call. She rose from the bed hurrying down the steps of the stair straight to her mother-in-law. She briefed her up and Aditi became silent. After some moments of standing there and witnessing something which she didn’t have the courage to understand, she walked back up to her room in the apartment.
She started thinking of the day she had lost her parents when they committed suicide just because they thought they could not suffice on what her father earned. She had hated them for doing that but was very sad as she lost them. She was just 10 years old back then and had just known what actually ‘Suicide’ meant after what her parents did. She lived after that with her grandmother and had the least longing of love from her. So she just used to feed all the good things her grandmother used to tell her and love her just for the way she had given her all the needful after her parents died. She was getting old and knew that she could not be taking care of her granddaughter so she decided of getting her married when she was completing her 2nd year of B.com. She barely knew what marriage was but she was told by her grandmother that her to be husband would love him more than anything..He would give her love more than her parents gave her. So with this thought she was married to Mrinal and left her education halfway in expectation of love that was negligible in her life till now.
After marriage she saw the words of her grandmother were true he loved her more than he did himself. And she was very happy and she knew no one could ever love her more than he did her. But today it was the hell that broke loose on her. It had been two years she had been feeling like heaven with him. What all she asked for, what all she longed for, what all she craved for, her every need and most importantly the need of love was fulfilled by him. She was informed by her mother-in-law today down the other room “Your husband is no more he has died in the flight landing crash” And after that her ornaments were removed, her mangal sutra was taken off, her vermillion was wiped away.
She sat on the chair which was placed in front of the mirror. She saw herself, she looked at her face it was in pain, grievance and bore the agony of loss. She stood up and walked towards the cupboard taking out her bridal dress, the jewelries and the ring she had been presented by Mrinal as a token of love they shared. She wore the dress, adorned herself in the jewelries, placing the ring in her ring finger and lastly putting the vermilion between her parted hair she opened the door of her room.

5am-14 February
Walking past the corridor, climbing up the stairs she reached the terrace. She looked up at the sky, the stars shined brightly, the moon glowed. She looked at the brightest star and said “You have loved me the most and You will be the one to love me the most forever.”
And she walked off the edge of the terrace. Flying in air She landed 10 floors down on the ground. Covered all in blood she took her last breath smiling and whispering “I Love You”. And she proved her last lines right..She met him up above in the heaven to be loved forever the most by only him.


वो नजरो से दूर खड़ी है ,

आँखों में सपने बेशुमार लिए पली है ,

उड़ने की इच्छा से विमुख न कर सका कोई उसे |
आज अपने पंख वह आजमाने  चली है |
रहती थी कैद एक दुनिया के कोने में ,
लहराती हवा में देखो अब कदम बढाए हैं |
एक झौका था काफी उस हसीं को,
पर्दा चेहरे से हट  चेहरा रूबरू हुआ |
शब्नमी निगाहें थी उन् पलकों के नीचे ,
गुलाब की पंखुड़ी से होंठ थे,
अपने काएदे में एक सलाम कर गयी,
जीत ले गयी दिल सबका वो पर्दानशीं ||

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


First try at a different type of poetry.It's a bit weird according to me and equals that much amount of fun too.It is called Cinquain Poetry..It has three types of pattern i have just exhibited two of them here.
There title lies in the first line only(which is one word ).

Glides in
Transforming and moving
Devouring old creating new

Blissful, emollient
Mesmerizing, hypnotizing, beautifying  
Covering all in peaceful white

Saturday, October 09, 2010

He and She..

Lying there on the soft green grass and warm water brushing though her feet. Her gaze was fixed up on the sky which was tinted orange at that point of time. It was a crazy summer strangely with lots of rain pouring in. But today it had been a little different it was neither too hot nor too numb. She had been waiting from the noon. She raised up her head a little and saw towards the giant shiuli tree where she had parked her bicycle.
      She spots a faint shadow in the now twilight aura. She knows who it is at the first glance. A gentle and strong fragrance starts to diffuse in the air which slowly burns her senses sweetly. Gentle breeze starts flowing. A dark figure parks another bicycle beside her bicycle by the shiuli tree. Moving with brief and silent steps he moves further, hands in pocket. As he goes on coming near to her, his face illuminates with the moonlight falling on it and his eyes sparkle brightly.
   She stands up and moves for the first time during the whole duration of time that she had been waiting for him. Brushing her white frock she walks further towards him. She sees him in a black t-shirt and black jeans. He comes near holding her face up in his hand and her face also gets illuminated by the moon. She had kept her promise of smiling always that she had made to him, but today as she looked at him she couldn’t control and a tear trickled down her cheeks but a smile still fixed  on her lips. His face came closer to hers. He was breathing very heavy and it was clear to her that he has paddled his bicycle really fast. His eyes were closed. Suddenly she could  feel cold drops falling on her bare shoulders. She looked  up and saw rain pour with increasing frequency. Now she was relieved that she could hide her tears in them and still keep her promise to him. He touched her lips with his, slowly tasting them locking lips. Both  playing with  each others tongue. And the moon was still aglow in that rain. They could hardly resist the need  for  each other. That kiss was so deep, intense, eyes tightly shut, feeling each others breathe, playing soulfully and completely into each other.
  Finally her dream has come true, the wish she had, the desire she possessed. She had finally had the first kiss of her life to the man who meant so much more to her than words could  ever describe. In that moonlit rainy night, he hugged her, she was all cold and numb but he was warm and she felt secure and calm in his hug..in his blanket. And while he hugged her thousand of things ran across her mind. She held his hands and walked a bit besides that river sitting down with him and their feet dipped  inside the water. He asked what is it you want to say? His hands going over her shoulder and dangling in front of her. She took them and wrote with her fingers on his palm “I LOVE YOU”. But he couldn’t understand and she finally replied  saying “nothing”. Slightly bending her head and resting them on his shoulders was heaven for her. The all day long wait was forgotten. Now she was with him and that was of the prime importance to her.


Wednesday, October 06, 2010


He heard the jingling of her trinket on her ankles. She heard his soft and steady breathe and the fragrance of him… Stealing the spotlight in the dark ambiance..A unknown but a tune so different and enjoyable was played..So it began..

Dancing and thrilling at the notes of the tune;
Grabbing the hands with utmost sophistication,
Pleasurable start to a dramatic presentation.
A lady and a guy holding each other in celebration.
Shifting places swift with  movements,
Clasping there that fragile molding.
Twists and turns a lovely bend there,
Cheering the imaginary crowd that’s yearning.
Tossing the head the hairs are over guys face,
The lady giggles and rests them back in place.
Tousled the guys hair shine just right.
Like the wine in a shaky glass,
Dwindling but balanced the throbbing One united soul.
Smile on the lips and there goes almost the final,
A kiss in the position that is just phenomenon.
Clapping here and there, Now comes the final bow,
It was the trailer of lowzing* thrown ..
Dimming the spotlight…subsiding the tune…Both are into each other for more of it..(and it’s a secret of what happens next ..Shh..!!) J

*This word does not have any meaning in the dictionary (fictitious)