"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Know me..

I Am Life........The life when you know completely it becomes the mystery....A mystery no one till now has been able to unfold and go through...I would say I am a open book but naaah!!! I am wrong .....My thoughts don’t describe me...my lingo doesn’t describe me...my lifestyle doesn’t describe me....neither my behavior...I am to deep to be thought about like the depth of the oceans and seas...You can drown in me whole your life..But never know ME.... ;-)

I know i got it contradicted but then thats where the fun lies....Being the complexity in a simple world where every thing is so damn easy......It's fun when you play everyday to be the winner and it is only possible when you play the GAME.......

So LOOK in your eyes Everyday stare the mighty mirror and say--BRING IT ON!

You may find me in all colors:
SoMe TaLk Of JoY
SoMe Of MiSeRY
SoMe TaLk Of LoVe
SoMe Of HeArTbReAks
SoMe TalK Of FuN
SoMe Of BoReDoM
SoMe TaLk Of LiFe
SoMe Of DeAtH
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You can choose to love or hate forever my expressions of the unconscious me. I can be a dream or nightmare. I can be rose or the thorn. But I’ll make it a point to be one of the two for you.


Makk said...

do I know you?

Anonymous said...

Love this! I like the way you express yourself. You are both ends of the spectrum. Great blog... :o)

Anonymous said...

Interesting - we are all both ends of the spectrum. But, at some level, don't we all want to REALLY be known? http://www.benjity.wordpress.com

The Guy In The Mirror said...

It's just beautiful :)

Stay Blessed ^_^

tigercity said...

you're like Alice.. the bottle says drink me.. and you do.. ;)

I do, I do. said...

Beautiful! :)
And the song you've put here.. AMAZING and it changed my mood instantly! Would love to have it in my playlist too!

Thank you for the song :)


Dhara said...

Hey, thank you for dropping by my blog.
It's really not my place to say but, you have a lovely and very interesting blog with some amazing posts however, the color or may be the tiny fonts are coming in between those awesomeness. I really wanted to read more posts but, my eyes started hurting. It might help a lot if you could do something about it.
I am sorry if that was weird of me telling you, I NEVER do that but, I really loved your blog and wouldn't want to miss reading it more.
:) :)

Dhara said...

Much much much much better now. The background is so pleasing plus the fonts are pretty large now, to read with ease.
You are a sweetheart. I will now go through as my post as I can.
Following you Alcina.