"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

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Saturday, March 28, 2015


Your stare through those long lashes.
Your warm breathe on my tresses.
Gliding fingers across my skin.
I am lost in land,
land of you and me.
All day long wrapped in your arms,
I embrace my forever with you.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Getting together

It is always fun when you meet your family relatives or friends. These family meetings take place on some special occasions or some religious activities or festivals. The relatives gather around and the humdrum in the surrounding atmosphere just charges up everything. Everyone in family finds their own interest group and start chatting or gossiping immediately.

With friends it’s a bit different. A friend is someone with whom you don’t have a blood relation but yet you feel connected somehow. I have a friend of mine right from the school days. We did not spend the whole twelve years of schooling together but yet we are close to each other. We gave board exams together, chatted all day long on phone and met whenever possible. But as we go ahead in our life we realize that we have different priorities and goals and hence the long hours of chatting and talking are reduced considerably. Meeting almost ceases to exist. 

One day we were chatting after a long time on phone and a question came up. The following question led to a realization. We couldn’t really recollect the last time we met. We wanted to change this situation as soon as we could. So we decided to meet up the very next day.

We were really excited to be with each other after such a long time. I left from my home early to go to her place. When I reached there and saw her, our smiles were matching to each other. We hugged and went to sit in her room. I was clueless that was exactly happening in her life and she had the same thoughts for me. 

So we began talking like we used to back in school. She started telling me every story right from the start till the end. And I got to know about some of the problems in her life. We discussed how the situations could be handled. I told about everything that had happened in my life. It felt like we slowly were coming to the current moment and did not miss anything at all. It felt really nice to finally be in front of each other and share everything. We felt like we were reliving the moments from our school time. We sat on the balcony and remembered the silly things we used to do. Brought out all the old letters and scribbles we used to do. The nostalgia was overwhelming. We had the same food that day. Her mother used to make really nice kidney beans and rice. We even watched our favourite movie. That day I felt like all the worries and tensions had gone away. I was at peace. As we parted we promised to meet every month from then on. 

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A change!

I didn’t like the word change and the feeling associated with it. But as time passed I realized it is an important part of life. As there is a famous quote that goes like “only change is constant.” I merely just believed in it because people told me that is how it is. As a result I did not practice it in my life
I used to be an introvert back in my childhood, always scared to talk to new people. Maybe I was afraid that people would judge me or I wouldn’t be able to talk with them.

A point in my life made me see otherwise. I adopted change and that helped me in ways I couldn’t even imagine.  I started with the simple conversation. Skeptical at first but got comfortable after failed attempts and successful attempts. People around me could understand a little bit of me through my conversations.

As I was an introvert I didn’t have many friends and neither did I participate in activities. When I started talking I had many types of conversations running on. Some made me feel bad, some good and some neutral. I was happy to find like-minded people, basically who understood how I felt and what I meant. Within a period of my endeavor I could face the world better. I even started participating in all kinds of activities and people came to knew who I was. I wasn’t the one hiding or scared to face the mass. After my stage performances of the events I took part in people used to come to me and tell me how good I was, even though they did not know me.

I had a positive feeling going on around me. I made friends, learned so much more about the world around me. When you talk to different kind of people, be it the short and random conversation, you get to know something or the other about the different things around you.

That was one of the benefits but the most amazing thing was I started to know what my talents were and what I could really be. I got good in whatever I did as a result of all that notice and praising I received from the people. This made me more confident and sure of what I was doing in life. Now I talk to people wherever I go and always get to learn a thing or two. They like to hear what I want to say to them. And I have chosen my career well for myself.

As I think back, if I had been that introvert person I wouldn’t have been able to be in the place I am right now. So that single change made me who I am today and I am happy to be like that. If you want to be happy and fulfill a dream, bring a change in your life. Here is something that I think may change your life for the better and fulfill your dreams, do check the link: https://housing.com/
The following video will shed some light on what I am talking about.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Hope for future

Plenty of moments are present in our life which makes us sad or unhappy, in turn filling us with disappointment. But the interesting part of life is that a single, little moment is enough to bring a smile to our face and fill us with hope for future.

One specific day that I remember from the recent past of mine made a stream of emotions come to life. I was walking towards my home after a long day. I generally walked but at times took cycle rikshaw. That day I had decided to walk. I had covered half way to my home and then I saw a cycle rikshaw. This person driving the cycle rikshaw was an old man. At first I was shocked to see a person doing such a hard work when one assumes him to be resting or doing something light. He asked if I wanted to go somewhere and somehow I just agreed and sat on his cycle rikshaw. All the while on the way to my home I kept thinking as to what makes him do this work. Maybe he doesn’t have children or maybe his children have disowned him or maybe he has no one to call family and other things. The whole way down was a pondering session for me.

As soon as I reached in front of my house, I got down and stood in front of him. I generally just hand the money and leave but that day all this was unusual so was my behavior. I asked him “Why do you do this at this age?”  He looked at me and laughed. I gave him a confused look and repeated my question. But again he did not answer me. So I asked “Don’t you have a family?”

Then finally he started speaking “I have two boys and two granddaughters from them.” Then again my surprised look flashed in front of him. So he came to the point. He told me that his sons are robbers and they rob for getting money. Robbery was their occupation. But he is against it and recently his sons had been engaged in a robbery and when the police came to ask him he gave them the truth and his sons were arrested. He spends his life away from his sons with just his wife. To earn his livelihood he drives the cycle rikshaw. He had said a very powerful line in between all this that “I don’t want to live on money that has been stolen from someone else, I want to earn for myself.”

I had looked at him with respect and hope. This made me realize that there are people alive who know what is right and wrong and ready to support the right. He made me learn a valuable lesson which if I had not seen with my own eyes would have thought of as a story. This fills me with hope and optimism for the future of our country. There are at least few people ready to support the truth no matter what it takes and their stories will make other handful to follow. And with this chain we can hope for a bright future just like Housing.

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