"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Friday, September 21, 2018

Loyal Companion

"I used to sit in your room and not open the door or the window because you did not like it. It was difficult for me to stay in the room whole day and not go out. But I did it because you liked it that way."

Caging someone in a place where they have to kill their wishes just so that you can be happy.

Controlling your emotions because your emotions will effect someone else.

Relations are always complicated. Sacrifices are the biggest mistake and compromises are key to weaken relations day by day slowly.

Expect but don't expect those expectations to get fulfilled. Life is as it is so difficult and here we get up and make promises to make it more difficult by being in love .

What is right? What is wrong? Who is right? Who is wrong? Whose wishes should be fulfilled and whose done away with?

Make somebody miserable once and then let it be long enough and let that be the last one. Go on with your life alone because as I said it's already difficult itself.

The only loyal companionship that can be  is with hollowness. It never leaves you. Never.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Swinging world

The rain is making the weather a bit cooler and getting rid of the humidity. Life nowadays witnesses relations just like the temperamental weather patterns in India in almost all the regions. Things change so quickly. Before you can wrap your head around a new event another one blows up right in front of you.

Likewise we are surely increasing are speed for accommodating such changes. I wonder what will come next. That is all we can do, wonder or at most predict the future when we don't know for sure.

Young people are becoming more effervescent and the at same time equally gloomy from inside. The ratios are screwed, philosophies are evolving, thoughts are weirdly warped, humanity is crumbling under pride and show-off and the time is running really fast. What does it take to stop the real emotions and feelings to fade away from the life of people. Things are highly digital and virtual. This technology has sure made life easy for most but future seems full of nightmares.

I wonder how far will love make it with all of us. I still love with my heart and soul, at least before i loose it all.

How easy it has become to skip from one track to another and forget about the things that were. Reminiscing is not a cool thing, it will make us loose precious time which could have been invested in following some two minute trend or a new series on the radar.

Living while we can with the real bits is the best thing possible, if only we realise what is real from what is not.

Monday, March 05, 2018


एक चिंगारी जलाई थी तूने वो बात छेड़ कर
तड़पते रहे उस रात हम
बिस्तर पे करवटें बदल कर
आंखें बंद हुई तो बस एक ही ख्वाब था
तेरे होंटो पे मेरे होंठ
हम थे एक दूसरे की सांस बनकर

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


There is a searing pain as if something is being ripped apart from the body. Its necessary at times to separate oneself from someone, just because you know being together will not make a difference.

It takes time, patience and a lot of pain but i think it eventually happens. You can let someone live in peace and howsoever they want to without burdening them with yourself.

Time and again you realise that how important it is to not put your hopes and wishes on someone else because they would rarely come true.

Magic and fairytales are only there for the books, real life is about longing and despair. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Love will never be enough.

Love is never enough and it will never be enough.

For all the fools who think that love can conquer anything might be very rich or have a lucky boon of surviving without food and basic necessities.

You should only fall in love when you are well settled and have a nice earning job. Even then please try and kill all your expectations cause one needs to sleep, eat, work. So there is really less time for love except for the rushed sex or a peck here and there.

Marriage is a concept of lightly putting forward that you have to create babies to make future generation.

And girlfriend and boyfriend or couples are already flawed. They just love and do nothing else at first cause its so exhilarating and new, then in somedays they are burdened with doing something new or keeping up with the emotional challenges of one another and finally they succumb to following their routine so that they dont have to put up with the challenges and it all goes back to few pecks and rushed sex. And running away at the first sign of putting any kind of effort. They always like to believe that putting effort is not going to change anything so why bother wasting time and energy which could very well be utilised in doing something of ones own interest.

Love is there at the back of the mind. Nobody can fight your challenge no matter how much they say they love you and they can never love the whole of you because of that. But they like to believe that you will fight their battle and be with them no matter what, you will never show any kind of disinterest and lastly they will expect from you how much so ever they wish.

So love is not enough ever and forever is a myth like for all the relations in life.