"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Twisted rejection

The lush green grass,the beautiful flowers of different colors and the patient night sky adorned with stars and moon.All were looking disheartening and sad to her.Her mind was reeling from what she had heard some days back,though it felt just moments ago.The perspiration was dropping and dripping from her forehead.The clothes that she wore cling to her drenched body.She pushed herself though her feet ached and she knew the consequences of it tonight won't be good when she would lie down on bed.But hell who cared she for now wanted that suppressed anger to drip down with the sweat.It was giving her peace to gulp air in plenty through her open mouth and exhale plenty.The adrenaline rush it gave distracted her mind for sometime.She was jogging in that huge park which she once thought would never be possible for her.After all anger and grief makes you do things you thought you would never do.
The bitter hurt that stuck to her.He did not make it obvious,wrapped it up in a sweet disguise.It pained when she heard those words of twisted rejection.It shot through her spine triggering her mind just to make all the thoughts halt on his words.Everyone cannot wield the power of hurting you just like that.When you put in the trust and blind faith in the picture it makes complete sense.She fucking devoted her life in him just to be rejected one fine day.It was too late to move on or turn back.She had to choose between living with memories or cut out the life with him that was.How can one think of pulling out a heart and still to live.The fix was unbearable she wanted him as much as one needed oxygen.Her only lifeline had been him.
But her mind chided and mocked her "Your heart has been shattered so that you get to give it to no one else ever".Her legs felt like jelly and she thumped on the ground all of a sudden.Covering her face in her hands she cried,not knowing what else could ease her pain.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lost identity

They told her to trust them,she did.
They said they'll be there when the times are grey,she believed.
They told her they were saying the truth to her,she strived.
But a time came and she was standing there in the cold,
the rain was pouring so heavy and ruthless.
She looked back to find the trusted one but there was no one.
Silence emblazoned all around.
She wept till the tears ran dry.
No one held her in their arms.
No one cared for her but themselves.
No one caressed her and assured time ahead will be kind.
They had lied straight to her face and she lay there crumpling alone.
Scattering with every drop that hit her.
Breathing was laborious,but she breathed till
She wasn't what she was anymore!