"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Insomnia:Thoughts of him - III

It was thundering today.The clouds were black engulfing the moon.At times it peeked through the walking clouds.Stars were not permitted tonight.She sighed longingly watching the starting drizzle.It pour mildly at first and then increased in its pace.The wind gave it random directions.She stepped out of the shade from where she was looking.Spreading her arms wide on either side she looked up.The soothing rain caressed her face as she closed her eyes.The cold wet drops were amazing.Her black t-shirt and cream shorts soaked in water in just matter of minutes.She spinned dizzily like a drunkard screaming wuhuuu...

As they entered his room she had known that clothes had no work on body.As she removed his vest almost instantly ,as her inner wears lay scattered around her feet.As he lay down,she rested herself upon him slowly.He pounced on her,kissing fervently.Void of the heat for so long she responded back passionately.He pulled her hairs and tugged her away from his mouth.She let out a involuntary moan,unhappy of the sudden break.As she opened her inebriated eyes,through her lashes she looked at him staring at her.A smile formed on her lips.All of a sudden she was beneath him as his lips tarvelled all over her kissing and licking.She writhed with pleasure.Her nails digging deep in his back.She heard the pitter patter of rains through all this as did he.They stopped and stood up naked.Holding hands as they parted the curtains from the window,they saw the rain together.She said in a low voice "I dream to kiss you while getting wet in rain".He laughed kissing her softly on her lips and said "Today it is not that strong,we will someday when it is raining heavily." As he said those words he ducked his head in the crook of her neck adorning it with wet kisses.Tumbling down on the bed once again...

She looked down now,folding her arms around her.Hugging herself she made way inside her room.Removing the wet clothes she lay there beneath the blanket.Wet yet warm from inside waiting through the incessant pitter patter to have it lull her to sleep.Rid her off her insomnia.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Insomnia:Thoughts of him - II

A page turned as the gentle breeze blew accompanying the night.She had switched off the lights of her room and kept the door ajar.Pale milky moonlight streamed through the space of the open door.Switching on the torch she had read the letter in front of her so many times.She could not get enough of it.Like a scent which you keep on breathing in as it never seems to sate you.All of a sudden she got up from her bed,making way towards the bag of clothes.Opening it slowly she picked out the jacket.
They had met after a longtime.While walking towards his house she had given her over-sized jacket to him.He had worn it,and she beamed at him happily because she was feeling really hot in it.The full blown winter has not yet set it.When she entered his room she could see how messy the room was as he hadn't got a chance to clean up after he had come back from a trip.Abandoning their clothes in a clean spot of the room they lied down on the bed.Both hugging as the warmth from each other seeped in and around them.A quilt blanketing them.He urged her to come up a little as he was taller than her.Tilting her head and angling his face he put his lips on hers softly.A gentle kiss followed by a bite on her lower lips.She gasped opening her lips.His tongue entered her mouth, rolling and teasing it with her tongue.Their bare bodies caressing each other.His hands kneaded and rubbed in places so secret that she moaned through the kiss.One of her hand rested on his back while the other kept ruffling his hairs in the heated moment of passion...
She opened her eyes breaking away from the memory and smelled the jacket in her hands.It smelled of him.Her ecstasy knew no bounds.As she placed it besides her head.Another night waited to be passed immersed in his fragrance.Her eyes quit to shut themselves up as the insomnia lingered in air yet again.