"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Monday, April 30, 2012

I wish i never knew you

There is a ocean of pain submerging and layering inside me.
Every wound inflicted by you marked blue.
Scratched again and again by you till they bleed and get devoid.
If only i could go back in time and erase everything and
I wish I never knew you

Thursday, April 26, 2012

You are mine..

She looked through the semi-intoxicated eyes.Her ruby red lips parted slightly calling him near.He had a sturdy demeanor,handsomely masculine face,chestnut color iris,black hairs and stood tall in front of her.The terrace was a good place to start off.Her one leg dangling down and other crossed beneath on the railing.He came towards her.She murmured slowly come lover boy sit here by my side.He was surprised and amused as to what he had just heard but he obeyed and sat down beside her.The gentle breeze ruffled her amber hairs which glowed in the city light.He moved his hands to put the flowing tresses behind her ears.So as to look into those hazel blue eyes and sighed magnificent she blinked them and smiled to him.
She was holding a wine glass elegantly between her fingers and she asked him do you like to watch stars?
Yes i do but why do you ask.You know it.
Oh! I know you?
Yes Natasha you know me.
Haan? You know my name too.
Are you alright?
He rolled his eyes to the corner of the terrace and saw a empty bottle.He knew then that she was not really in her senses.She dropped the glass from there.They both watched as it seemed to drop slowly through the entire length of the building,finally shattering into innumerable pieces.She smiled and said
What is your name lover boy?
He smiled this time when she called him that.
Haven't you given me a name already?
Yes i have but i want to know what is yours already.
Aaahh..Like the moon haan?
I am the moon.You doubt?
No i can see the sky is not having it today.You are with me lover boy.
He shifted closer to her and hugged her.She giggled in the tone he loved to hear.
Hmm..ask lover boy.
Why do you call me this?
Shh..! Can you keep a secret lover boy?
Yes i can.Try me.
There is a guy just like you.He does things to me.When i see him i smile a lot.When i talk to him i am indeed happy.He even makes me angry sometime when he is busy and not talking to me.But he makes up somehow through his silly talks.I have a dream to see him sleeping all night.It kills me to know when he is pain.I can't see him sad or hurt.What is it do you know lover boy?
I think so Natasha.Tell me more about him.
When he sings,its almost like melody engulfing your heart and soul.When he laughs it chimes in my ears beautifully.His morning voice stills my heart and takes my breathe away.When he talks like a philosopher it's amazing.When he behaves like a baby I want to kiss him to stop him.And you know we share something together.
What is it?
I don't know.Something which he doesn't name.Though I have told him i guess what i feel.The best part is when he hugs me..he hugs me like..like you..like you lover boy.
Her eyes opened full,iris shooting the hazel blue hue once more.Her hands in his hands got tight.Her vision almost blurred.As he came close to her.His face opposite hers.Her soft red lips merging with his.As if shooting stars were blazing from the sky.She was in heaven,feeling as if on cloud nine.He didn't knew what was it still but he was experiencing hell lot of emotions while kissing her.As they parted she put her head on his shoulder and hugged him sideways.He watched her eyes dropping their lids,as her face was adorned with a peaceful smile.And she said Good night lover boy I wish you are here when i get up the next morning.Tell him from me will you?
I love him very much.And he is just mine.I love to say so.He is mine..right?
He whispered in her ears I never went away Natasha.Lover boy will be there in the morning..And yes he is yours..

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thing of play

When all doors seem to flood in with a pestilence stricken infectious aura of sadness and you think was it meant for me?
You don't have anyone to turn to,you will scream,call out to someone but all you would get are empty silence with the voice that you hear is of your own echo.A hollow embrace like a projected hologram mocking at you.The shadow marked on the wall would be the one eating away your own soul.

Nothing matters in this mean world does it?
No one cares for you like you are them and not someone else.When you find something happening like this know that it is the you under hypnotism and only getting out of it would be on hearing the sound of a snap and you will come rolling down the hill with a unavoidable thud.
They would tell you in their own diplomatic way that I am there for you just so that they don't loose their worth in your life that they may need you someday withering away in the stagnant claws of grief,for their hunger and thirst they know can be sufficed just by you.
She also had a day like that in her life when she was told that she meant something much more than she thought and then what happened?He ignored her like she was never owned, like she was some kind of rag doll they took to play with for passing time when with no option.Yes! She succumbed to that mellifluous i am one of your own talking hypnotist.When she woke up with the snap she found herself in a dark suffocating bottomless abyss where she continued to slide down more and more.What a unlucky bastard! she didn't even have the assurance of unavoidable thud.Till she encountered it she had to do with her guidance of feelings which were deteriorating second by second.
Prince charming and his conquest to find his maiden has long ago vanished in the folktales and fables of yesteryear.Now you will see him hunting for a temporary acquaintance,a mistress who would tend to him for sometime or rather the time allotted by himself for pleasure with the whore(to him) and then he will kick her out of his way and burn the memory of her in the air like that time period never existed.Promiscuity would be a word only associated to her and for him it just didn't work out.He will go on till he succumbs one day to her flawless dreamed girl.
Love by him would be poetry with skilled heart rendering words to woo the mistresses.With the devastating hunger for pleasure leaving behind debris of broken hearts and shattered emotions.
Devouring your skin,leaving marks with the precision of a beast in frenzy.He will light the flame of devotion in you to be solely his.
She still cries herself each night to sleep by the lamp with closed eyes and as a ritual every time a  prayer escapes those once pink lips now turned pale blue for him to be well,content and happy in life wherever he resides.
Hurt in her life had the very essence that pleasure carried in his world.Tormented her world lays crumbling in front of her and she doesn't know what to reply when the mirror asks her was it i?

The cold of winters melted with warmth of the bodies.

But who knew the spring had different plans!

Realization perched upon her parted lips,

when she saw all the crushed roses,lavender and lilies..