"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Can't you understand me?

At times you are talking with someone on phone or face to face and you want them to understand.Now the question is what do you want them to understand.Some might think that whatever is being talked about..well yes..some might think what is the state of the talker..well yes again..But what i am going to talk about is understanding what a person is expecting in the core of their heart.
People who have known each other for longtime know the other persons activities,reactions and habits.So based upon that after a while they hint whatever they want from the other person but yet that doesn't come.What makes a person change so much that they forget to do something which was so very normal.
A conversation would make you understand better,here it goes:

Known for about an year
He-You know my day was so adventurous today.I did a lot of fun stuffs and learnt new things.
She-Nice.Even i had a fun day.
He-So what were you doing?
She-Completing some work and thinking about you.
He-Wow! Even i was thinking about you.I am missing you.
She-Aww..I wish we could meet."

The guy knew the girls motive was to know if he felt the same about her like she did(the missing thing).

After 3 years
Mind you they still talk nicely and the relation is maintained steady.
He-Did you read the newspaper today?
She-Yeah.I know right you are talking about the 'Words' topic written there.
He-Exactly! It is so amazing.
She-I know.You know i was thinking about you.
He-Ok! So how is everyone at home?
She-They are doing good.You know i missed you.
He-I see.
She-What were you doing?
He-Nothing much.Was just reading the article."

Now here you see she tried hinting him so many times to know if he felt the same way.But he won't budge.Once if this happens is sort of understandable.What would you think when this repeats again and again whenever you try?
At times it happens with me too that i want someone to understand what i want but they don't even seem to consider let alone think about it.
Change is fine but what if it leads to a person so void of understanding?

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Gleaming eyes told him a different story.He smiled and said hey you look happy today.Sitting in a coffee shop with him every time they met wasn't new to her.She hated coffee when she was with him this she could not tell him.She blinked two-three times and gazing at his beautiful face she said i always am when i am with you.He pouted his lips and said really?
She just giggled.The comprehension of a relationship between them was hard.It was sometimes love,spice,fun,wild but never hatred.Despising wasn't something that came easily to both of them at least for each other.
In between the small chit-chats they shared weird secrets.At ease with each other.
She blinked twice and captured the moment.Saying in her heart "Here goes in memories my chance at forever".

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

55 Fiction:Lie..

I have given you my word.Don't you trust me on it?
She did not raise her wet hazel eyes to meet his.
He pulled her by the chin and said Look at me.
Why should i trust you?
This is not the first time you lied to me about i being your priority.....

Saturday, March 02, 2013

I feel. .

I bled through to the flickering present.
Feeding myself to flames of test.
Grabbing on to the thread that joins; 
me and you to the fatal world.
Hope their is but no one knows.
Love their is but no one feels.
And i shall live on just to get the last touch.
With the trust that was never meant to be.

"And i mistook a intense infatuation to be a emotion of love.."