"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Sunday, September 29, 2013


She wore the dress he has seen her wearing the most.She was happy somedays back but not today.He said he will be there whenever she would need him.She had asked him,if he could please spare some time today to be with her on this very day.The reasons were not asked.Non-chalancy was evident in his voice and simply held on the phone he had said "no we cannot possibly meet..
Black lines streamed down on her cheeks as she wiped the tears each time a smudged trail inked a map of misery on her countenance.This is not fair she thought to herself.He got back on his words when she needed him the most.She did not give him any reasons as he did not simply want to get bothered further.She waited for the day to end.She could not wait up on him anymore.Hope was leaving her heart.She was tired...and she gave up.. 

Kaash tune jhaaka hota meri nazro mein
dekha hota meri rooh tak
Dard na sahi tujhe dikha
kambakht apne liye pyaar toh dekhta

Sunday, September 01, 2013

Bringing back the smile

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I lie awake through the night,
passing every minute of coupled seconds.
To hear the stupid ramblings.
The hush-hush of your breath,
during the pause you decide to take.
For the repeated stories,
cause you forgot that you have told them to me already..
Flipping through the pages of the novel,she tried not to think about him.And how was that possible when she took up a romantic genre.Frustrated she plopped her head down on the open book.Why was it so hard for her mind and heart to work in harmony and say yes at the same proposition.He had said during last call that he was going out of the city for somedays.Yet she was looking at her cell every few seconds,checking if he had called.Tired of waiting she did what she could do the best.Dropping a text to him which he can reply to when he feels fine.Retyping it almost for ten times she hit the send button.An instant delivery report came back to her.Now she waited for his message.Now she laughed at her foolishness.Closing the book she tried to relax and get some sleep.
She blinked open her eyes checking the clock,it was 1 A.M.She peeked in to check whether there were any messages but her inbox still lay dormant.She was close to tears.And then started her monologue Can’t he spare one look at his mobile?And then can’t he just reply for once?At least he could give me a call that he reached…..
A number blinked on her screen,she did not pick it up because already she was riled up and it was 1 in the morning.This was no time to pick calls that too from an unknown number.The number flashed for some time and then again everything was quite.The eerie silence was successful in bringing her sleep back.
After ten days he called her up.She decided she would be blunt about everything and not reply straight.
What do you want?
Is this what you say as your first line?
Yes.Don’t you know? Oh! Yes how would you,you haven’t talked to me from fifteen days.
He started laughing on the other side.Which only fueled her anger.
Now go on laugh at me.
Who said I was laughing at you honey?
Of course you are.
Ok.Fine.I accept it.Happy?
No not happy.Couldn’t you just reply to my message or give me a call for so many days you were MIA.
And now she started sobbing.
Please don’t cry baby.Okay I will tell you why I was laughing.You sounded like a baby while you were saying all those lines.And I called you from some other number when I had got your message but you did not pick it up.
Now she started giggling,hearing his serious tone while he was explaining himself.
Heyyy..not fair now you are laughing on me.
Hehehehehe..No no I was laughing at your tone.

And they both started laughing.Such was their sweet and sour relation.He teased her but made sure to bring back her smile.She knew his ways but still couldn't stop herself from getting played,and then eventually falling for his making up.
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