"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Friday, April 29, 2011


I looked at the black clouds that were covering the sky,

slowly they swept away in silence.
It was evening time, yet it appeared to be so dark.
I embraced myself tight so that i don't lose me.

So wrong i was at that moment, 
I was not of mine but for someone. 
i should have known,
the reality of being born..

They say pairs are made in heaven,
as if they know that one exists even.
Heavenly semblance is a mirage to the eyes,
when do we open up before too late.

Imperfect two parts join together,
making one perfect soul to address.
As the clouds swept past the clouds,
making their way into the unending frame.

The moon appeared white and dull,
it talked of experience of so many years,
in the sky alone may be so i thought.
Stars were around but not a single close.
Glistening and sparkling a star switched it's position.
The strong affinity that the moon's feel had.
It was just for sometime she came close to him,
rest of the night he teased her.

I watched how he played so brilliantly day by day.
Alone it appeared but showing opposite feel.
It boasted to her of having so many stars around him,
though he knew that no one was that special.

The longing and yearn in her was unnoticed,
it became too late for him to realize and submit.
She glowed very bright that day in sky,
met him very happy with delight.

Who knew it was her last day with him.
He was to be left alone forever.
Like evanescence she vanished that day.
Night was the only one to witness their story.

But no one knew that i too watched,
that love that had blossomed and ended so hard.
But i thought it was not the reality end,
Yes! the love i say.. was falling eternal and all the more..


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Holding time..

Lingering on for so long.
The touch almost dizzied me.
Enveloping my soul, 
the breathe it was catching fast.
Your heartbeat sounded so magical.
The bitter-sweet taste of your tongues.
The smoking fragrance of you.
Insanity was in our talks all through out,
laughs and giggles were companions.
That ticklish touch and naughty glimpse.
That warm embrace made me feel so loved.
Holding hands was caring,
entwining each finger tight and secure.
Melodrama during the leaving of train.
I njoyed every bit with you.
The memories have frozen,
and will remain forever
of US beyond..

Monday, April 18, 2011


This entry is submitted by me for Thursday Poets Rally Week 42,

The night was cold.
Atrocious with it's parky winds.
Bare my body laid on grass.
Shivering was witnessed for quite sometime,
all of a sudden my body was numbed.
The tears that were rolling down, 
were as if frozen in the time.
I was remembering all our moments.
And my heart was crying deep down.
The enchanting darkness of night enveloped me.
I tried and carried my being through memories.
To revive you as fresh as dew. 
First all that came was haze,
but the more i fell in the abyss it became clear.
Rain drops touched each skin pore,
and i felt almost ecstatic.
A diabolic spirit that roamed around,
stung me and returned to it's hide.
My blood was mixed with deadly poison,
the Scorpio had got on it's victim's plight.
And with the hushing voice of my breathe,
the splashing sound of drops on me.
My eyes opened up as if staring zenith.
The sweet smell of wet soil, 
that penetrated through my senses.
I found solace lying there cold and dead.

Accepting the award whole heartedly,
thanks to Jingle who presented me this!
and i nominate Kevin Lamb as rules state
Wish Thursday Poets Rally 42 best place!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

कुछ युहीं?

लव्जो में जो बात ठहर गई थी,
उनसे कहें की नहीं ?
आँखों में जो प्यास ठहर गई थी,
उन्हें दिखी की नहीं?
हम चाहते हैं उसी शक्स  को, 
जो पहरों में बंद है हमारे दिल की|
ये उन्हें मालूम है तो क्या, 
उन्हें भी हमारी ज़रूरत हुई?
हल्का सा दर्द उठा है दिल में,
कही उनको भी हुआ क्या कुछ युहीं?  


Surprisingly it lits the atmosphere.
Moving lives and creating splendor.
Inspired by the next in view.
Lovely wonders it does to all.
Escapes despair when comes through heart! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Her shadow..

A drop fell,
it echoed in the hollow.
A light shimmered,
it dimmed in the vicinity.
She walked past the tree,
swaying and rustling the leaves.
She touched the trinkets,
they jingled happily.
She blew air on the wind chimes,
they played a hypnotic song.
She ran her fingers on the piano,
It produced a agonized rhythm.
She walked up the stairs,
swirling her way up to a room.
It was so huge filled with cobwebs.
The violin wrapped in satin lay on table,
she unwrapped it and played her love song.
Nervous and fast steps were heard hurrying up.
The door was opened of the room.
His face was shining in the moonlight,
which penetrated through the open window.
He gazed in the direction of the lovely tune.
She smelled the strong scent of him burning her inside.
He walked steadily towards her.
He held her hands and gave a long sigh.
Her nails red bright glowed in his hands.
They moved their feet to the magical symphony.
She no more held the violin,
but it played for itself.
They danced in the most ecstatic poses.
Bows and bends, twists and moves.
Oh! It was all so perfect indeed.
A howl was heard the moon was covered,
her shadow dissolved in front of him.
The night was gone and;
A drop fell,
it echoed in the hollow.
A light shimmered,
it dimmed in the vicinity.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Soul Travel..

She talks of herself,she thinks of herself as the most beautiful on this earth.She never dares utter out her feeling about herself to anyone else.She met a guy whom she was fond of talking to.She told him about every secret she had with her,even though they were silly little insecurities and childish acts that she may have gone through or done respectively.
He smiles a lot with her,is bound in an unknown relation with her.He also tries and share as much as he can but he thinks he shouldn't share all he has within him and so keeps most of it to himself.She more than telling asks him one day what if she loses him and he never cares to return back?
He doesn't say anything because he knows nothing in this world is stagnant with respect to time and that one day everything that has been created will die down though it is the reality of the physical world one lives in and no one knows of the world that exists beyond it but that is what mattered at the current situation.He believes in change so much and she almost cannot afford to even think of it.The pure science of nature says that unlikes attract but they possessed most like qualities between them than unlike.And when the unlikes clashed it had to be either no decision or one had to let the other win with words or last say.
Sometimes reciprocation isn't necessary but most of the time it is.And when you don't reciprocate more but very rare it is kind of a boon for the person concerned.Such was the case with her and him.He reciprocated too less and she couldn't keep herself without reciprocating.Sometimes they hung on silent on phones just whispering in their mind and trying to catch any possible feelings sent either of their ways.But when you are surrounded by the world,your thinking it doesn't work clear it comes in need of a filter to really understand some delicate emotions.The day that passed without him in it but yet in thoughts or without her in it but yet in thought comes into a unconscious need list of there minds.The part which is not here of theirs does most of the talking and the part that is present here tries it's level best to bring out what it is.
She imagines a lot,with him or without him how it would be but she doesn't know,she doesn't know how to answer her questions to herself yet knowing that in some part of her resting brain she has the needful solace and answer for her seemingly never ending questions.
She again gathers up a little bit of time and asks the same question yet again ...What if i lose you and you never care to return back?
He turns to her moist yet controlled eyes,the deep hazel color that penetrates his soul through and through and he knows she is able to see so clear into him and he into her.His lips turn to a slight and faint smile,he looks away and she turns his face back to let him answer her for once and for all.He says with a very long sigh as if afraid of this question or wanting to let the words part from his mouth ...You carry me in your dreams,you imagine me all the time,though you might not know but i have read you so much and so nice that i can suffice your hunger and thirst.I have attached to your soul so deep and secure that if i do lose touch in this earthly connection of ours,you will always know through your unconscious being that i am there and will always be there..
It was so hard for her to believe yet she turned to her sleep with dreams tonight and she could feel him all over and around her.He was really there.He touched her soft butter-like skin with his warm soulful touch, caressed her back so discretely,with fingers he inspected those pink lovely lips and they moved to say something or so he saw,he placed his ears on her heart and listened to the gentle beating which was growing heavy moment by moment with the fear of i may loose this moment,he connected all his body to her covering and embracing her so wonderfully, intertwined fingers,placed his nourishment on her thirst and hunger,loved her whole night which was never ending..it was the reality, she wasn't dreaming of him,he was really there with her, for her and forever...

P.S.-It is the intensity of the feelings that both souls possess and it makes it possible for both of them to travel through space and time to bridge the gaps and meet when they wish to meet,possible even after death.It's a heavenly semblance.It is called astral travelling or astral projection and it is a out of body experience as it consists of mainly the soul or spirit of a person.It is also near death experience.This travel comes into being with the conduit as mysterious plane of existence.The stars which are believed to be composed of the fifth element known as quintessence,it is the this element which is found to be helping the human psyche in the astral mysticism.

He went past the world and their longing and yearn was too deep and true to be let as it is.He met her and she met him.....

Friday, April 08, 2011


Remember the words we made together,
the tunes we heard together;
the way we felt each other;
The intense breathe collide.
The soft touch of lip on lip,
the play of tongues inside.
the casual relation that bloomed.
The way you called me sweetheart,
and i called you baby.
Our silence that spoke with each other,
never failing to talk even one day.
The anxious feeling when finding either of us sick.
Now i wait for us to be together again,
for our laughter to echo,
for each other to touch,
for the emollient caress,
for the lovely whispers,
for the unsaid wishes,
for the sparkling desires to ignite,
for the eye play,
and for you to say just a 'Yes i do' .....

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


It's written by me as a part of Mag60 (Magpie Tales)..
On a winter night, 
I looked out of the window.
Blew some hot air on the glass.
With numb cold hands, 
but heart filled with emotions,
i wrote over there : 'Love forever'..
Seasons gradually changed.
She loved me i knew so. 
Today i talked with her for the first time.
She fought with me.
But i couldn't be away. 
Even one moment from her.
After all i dreamed of her.
The bitter truth was harsh on me,
it was she didn't love me.
It ringed in my ears for so long.
So hard to believe and move on.
My heart squeezed, 
it's beats lost somewhere.
It was a rainy day,
tears welled up my eyes.
I looked out of the window,
stared the glass.
Alas! the words were drenched in pain,
and wiped from there forever..

Monday, April 04, 2011

It so happened..

This Entry is submitted by me for Thursday Poets Rally 41

A bubble of thought rises in his mind,
what if she..
A sigh left his lips in shear disappointment,
what if she..
A finger started writing something on the sand,
what if she..
A smile passed across his face as he saw,
what if she..
A heavenly feeling dawned upon him,
what if she..

She sat there besides him on the sand.
In her white dress,
her trinkets jingling happily.
As she brushed her hairs aside from her eyes,
her eyes met his and she couldn't stop her smile.

A word passed from him to her,
and the thought crossed his mind,
what if she..
She was attracted as if through some unseen energy,
towards his lips her lips brushed and submerged.
She withdrew them and said,
what if i..

His heart skipped a beat or two.
The breeze was silent and calm.
The waves rushed towards their feet.

She got up from there,
started walking away from him.
He murmured to himself,
did I finally say it?
I love you ..does she understand?

He gazed up into the endless sky.
And back on the waves his eyelids closed.
And he said to himself,
what if she..
and saw towards the direction she went..

She stood there,
the most beautiful girl in the universe.
Retracing her steps back,
she stooped low.
Mumbled in his ears,
I love you too..