"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Friday, September 23, 2011

Lost chance!

You don't seem to reply.
I wished it to bespoken by you.
What if they were in my dream,
that i portrayed that big hall, 
a extravagance gather.
We danced to the tunes,
and cheered with the talks.
I ask you a question, 
you raise your eyes and stop.
You ought to answer me, 
at least when i ask you once in reality.
But you loose your chance,
and left me wondering. 
For 'yes' or 'no' which was for me,
on my way wandering.
I cry and submerge. 
I walk down the last aisle of pain.
Get myself a shot to restart,
smoking air I leave my past in ashes.
Lungs filled up it really doesn't matter.
Dropping last bit of emotions,
i will leave you my trail.
When you find me, 
you shall only regret.
If only i were alive, 
that you could have said.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


This Entry is submitted by me for Thursday Poets Rally 52

She softly mumbled near his ears.
He was departing and couldn't hear.
He was in a surge for somewhere urgent.
Her eyes coruscated and a tear exuded.

Conceiving about him.
The day ran in haphazard.
Intermixing,remixing and varying.
Her eyes coruscated and a tear exuded.

Conceiving about her.
The day expected just urgency.
Working,managing and balancing.
His lips turned to a beguiling smile.

The sun scorched,
and their day commenced in delusion.
The moonlight proliferated,
and their reality induced.

Miles apart from each other,
the longing has always been such.
Heightening and dropping frequencies,
once he sighed other she sighed.

He came all the way,
his urgency are over now.
The day expects nothing from him,
as she knows as of now.

Coming closer he heard what she whispers;
"Take care my love and smile always"
He smiled and embraced her,
as she knows as of now.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


कुछ पल के लिए हम भी थे रुके, 
पीछे मुड उन निगाहों का;
आगाज़ ज़रुरी सा जैसे हो उठा |
पर वो न ठहरे हुए थे वहाँ|
कम्बख्त दिल में,  
जो वो रुबरु होने की, 
इक चाह मचल गई थी | 
फिर दर्द सा उठा और, 
वो एक और ज़ख्म तौफे में,
हमारे बिन कहे ही छोड गए |
For ephemeral moment i stopped,
to look back in those eyes,
was so intense a urge.
But he was not waiting there.
Crazy heart had that, 
reeling glances desire.
Again a pain resurrected,
and he left me a gift of wound,
without my need to ask.

Monday, September 12, 2011

So i walk away..

I walked off.
I walked away.
Walked by without glancing your way.
The excruciating pain,
the endless tears,
the clotting gore from the cuts get smeared.
I know if i had recollected happy memories;
I would have stayed back.
So i kissed you last time when i said these won't end.
So i hugged you the last when i said there are more to come.
So i pierced my heart and stopped it's beating.
Swore never to ever love anyone besides you.
To never commit and bind;
I throw your way a silent goodbye!
Image Courtesy

Thank you so much for this Perfect Poet Award Thursday Poets rally

I would like to nominate Magdalena for the next award.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Sans Memory

I capture those glances of your in my heart.
The steady rhythm of your words as they call;
As they call my name and address me as yours.
Through the towering feelings,
as of residing on cloud nine.
I wish that your happiness never subsides.
As the clock ticks and does its round,
the moments bygone slips through palms.
Floats in air like ashes of charred logs.
Fleeing away like detached and dry leaves.
Rustling and revolting the natures sound.
Clash through the ticking hours, 
it happened with me.
A touch of heaven that i perceived.
I have lost all with the tragedy.
I am done with the past. 
And all that i am left with, 
are new beginnings to create.
I have let past go like sand caught in hand,
though it was not as i had planned.
But all i am left with are broken thoughts.
No links and bends, 
just fractal i glimpse in broken chords.
Yes i am sans memory.
And have forgotten with whom i was,
and who called my name, 
and told me that i belonged with them.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Under the red umbrella

It's written by me as a part of Mag80 (Magpie Tales) and Thursday poets rally 51!

From morning till night i had the thought of you in my mind.
I left the doors of my feelings open to let reach you.
Staring outside the window from my workplace i saw,
the air was moist as the rain splashed about in happiness.
I waited for the evening and ringed the bell of your door,
had a surprise in my hands, 
which not before you to anyone could be told.
The red umbrella under which i longed your company too,
was left melancholic as the door was not opened. 
I peeked through the windows and thought to sneak in to,
But you were not interested and i was afraid of the truth.
I left my bicycle so you would know,
that i waited whole night just if you would go.
Go with me to where i had surprises for you,
and open the bag that had a secret to be told.
The night passed and the damp soil said to me,
"walk along now and try once again this evening!"
I left that place again to come back,
to have you right beside me here. 
Here under my red umbrella all glad.

Thursday, September 01, 2011


Trembling hands grabbing the air.

Dwindling liquid drops, 
fall on paper the ink smears.
With the subtle beats of heart,
she wanted to wipe away the carvings,
of feelings unknown and yearns.
But she forgot; 
she could not even touch her heart.
That it was not hers but of his now.
To feel the emollient touch of his hands,
on her surrendered heart. 
And the soul stands,
for the unification and blend.
Through the dark alleys,
and bottomless abyss,
they fell through and through,
in their unusual love tale.
Passions flooded their being,
hands intertwined,flesh mingled,
thirst and hunger engulfed.
Proliferated through each pore,
a joyous newness of joining, 
of two souls to one whole.