"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A dash of smile,
a hint of cheesiness.
Through eyes they were talking aloud.
The lips turned to a no,
the other side said yes.

A pounce like the tiger;
the prey is caught and in danger.
A faint smile trying to rise up on her.
He is roaring and baring his teeth.

Colliding breaths with utmost precision,
lower on the neck she can feel the fangs,
touching her soul, 
making her skin shiver.

Ecstatic she clings to him tight.
He moves his face back to where,
the colliding breaths started playing.

The soft feather touch, 
of each others lips,
eyes tight shut.
It was the most subtle one,
of delicate placement.

She could feel the gravity no more.
on the back the teasing caress.
passions exploded into each other,
like a eruption of lava from volcano.

She stopped shivering.
He was sucking her all through her breath.
Her soul was being possessed by him.
He reigned her forever.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Never wished to let go..

The long hours of hearing your gentle voice;
at times it was all naughty.
The long hours of me blabbering.
And you listening patiently.

Waiting for you to sparkle up the day.
Wishing to get even a flash so said.
The way you called me baby,
and i reciprocated the sweetness.

Times changed and there seems some gap.
I did not wish to stop and go.
I still cherished the moments, 
floating like a movie infront of my eyes.

I never wished to let you go.
Clasping your hands in mine,
embracing your figure in mine,
grabbing your shadow tight.

In night through the tick-tock of clock,
i heard your breath so soft and playful.
i saw your closed eyes in sleep;
you just looked like the calm white moon. 

Soulful merges of you and me,
brushing lips of yours and mine,
hand in hand on every path,
And i never wished to let you go.

Image courtesy- luv

Friday, January 14, 2011


Kicked up with a hiccup,
she throws her boots to the side.
Opens up her hair;
which was tied high and tight.

She had been to a party,
it was crazy and she was afraid.
The Dj was playing a hip-hop.
She was trying to taste the wilderness.

A dude caught her by arms,
she was unable to free herself.
He touched her everywhere,
it was state of ecstasy for him.

After all it was a party, 
and they were just dancing.
On the floor the spotlights dimmed,
tears were trickling down her cheeks.

Hurting her throat was, 
to even say Excuse!
Her DJ was not to save her,
he was not around in the vicinity.

Image courtesy-Drunk

She got insane and picked up a bottle.
Emptying it down till the last drop.
It was her first time,she never got drunk.
She was burning from inside.

She smoked and drugged herself,
her world had been crumbled since then.
It is addictive and she has let it in.
It ruins bit by bit her soul.

And every night when city lights die down.
Kicked up with a hiccup,
she throws her boots to the side.
And walks bare foot like nothing happened.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


Carving every colorful thought in us,
Origin from every sphere; 
Leaving mark and impression.
Oasis in the black and white life.
Refreshing every being that beholds.

Saturday, January 08, 2011

I love you..

That pink smile.
That sweet scent.
A crafty laugh.
A proposal by her,
a acceptance by him.
Drifting away in smoke,
of love and beyond.
Two souls united.
Here lay the two hearts,
murmuring to each other softly. 

Thursday, January 06, 2011


The wind was ferocious,
uncovering her layer by layer.
Speaking of a ominous storm.
Laying there on the couch;
Her eyes were wide open staring nowhere.
They spoke of pain and love,
both together to her surprise.
The glazing stiletto had her reflection,
the night carried; 
Blackened silhouette of her.
She knew of no one that she could talk to.
The lines were engaged of her life screwed.
She had a wish to live for someone,
but now it seemed a impenetrable thought.
She was close to death and near to Satan;
Satan loved her beauty and admired it,
For that resuscitating he revived her life.
Kiss of life spread by the dark in blight.
She was mesmerized taken by surprise.
Darkness became hers for lifetime.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


She was a housewife.She had big dreams of becoming a professor of English literature.But when she was married without her will,she had to agree on the terms and conditions laid by her husband.He was one of the CEO 's of a company.They were childless even after 4 years of marriage.They never knew each other personally.It used to be as if she was the waiter of the hotel,he used to come eat,ask for the room,sleep,get up in the morning and get all his things up-to date and leave the hotel to come back again in the night.
She........oh had nothing to do.The only pleasure she had was of a call that she used to get or give.She had abandoned her dreams,hopes,aspirations and emotions somewhere she could not be able to visit mostly her soul could not.
That moment of the interrupted call was too long for her like lots and lots of years that have passed in a fraction of a second.The door bell rang,she kept the receiver back in its place and received her visitor of the night which was same as all these 4 years. 
Yes,she used to talk to a guy which was not her husband.He was a petrochemical engineer and had been working for three years now.
There was once this boring party that she had to attend with her husband where she excused herself for sometime to the washroom so that she could overcome her tears and not let the Kohl liquidate (those tears were natural after just 2 months of marriage,she took much time to abandon even them).
This guy entered and smiled looking at the mirror,which was more to her than the mirror.She was somehow happy to see that smile and surprisingly she smiled back at him.He noticed her glowing watery eyes and asked if he could talk for a moment with her.They spent fifteen minutes there inside and she had open up whole of her life to him.She was amazed that how much she needed to open those lips.Then he said we can keep this going on for as long as she wished to but now that she has told him about her husband,he said "exchange numbers if you feel free to talk".Without a second thought she wrote something on a paper and handed it over to the guy.

From the other day on they took to talking with each other.He used to share up everything and she the same.That day she had gathered all the courage left in her and told that how much she loved him.
So as her husband came and sat on the table to be served with his food.The phone rang up.She was carrying a glass of water ,it slipped out of her hand.She ran as fast as she could towards the phone.She picked it up and she knew who it was.He said from the other end "I love you too"...."leave him right away,I am gonna marry you".She was in tears after such a long gap,those were the tears of happiness and his husband was standing right there over the table,looking livid and as if inebriated.
She kept the phone and looked towards him and said "I have done my duties for years without a word with you, neither you tried to talk.You have been busy all these 4 years and we were bound in a contract and not love after that marriage.I have hated each moment with you.And now at this very moment wish to leave you".
He said softly with those red eyes glistening as if about to cry "I have been too scared of this contract that you stated just now.I never wanted it to happen ,i loved someone and that person died.I could not be happy anymore after that and this was forced upon me by my elders.And today i am happy that you have your love and could speak this freely to me.Order me rather than request.Go and i won't stop you.You would receive the divorce papers as soon as possible from my side".
Her happiness knew no bounds,she packed her things up.She headed towards his place and he was there standing on the door with that assuring smile to receive her in his arms.

Now it has been almost 2 years after that day of interrupted call and she is happily divorced from her husband and married to her love.Maya is expecting her second baby with Paarth and is teaching as a professor.Maya has the perfect life right now and she has revived all the dreams,hopes,aspirations and emotions.She has found her soul-mate and their life.....

P.S.-Edited to rectify mistakes by mystic.payel .(in red)

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


It was again a very hard night to pass for her.Each night she would try to sleep in these 11 days.But around middle of the night she used to be drenched in sweat and sat up bringing her knees close to her chest and holding them tight with both her hands clasped.He was not here these days.She didn't dream but she believed intuitions are strong enough of something not going to be good.

They had last met some 20 days ago.They rarely met but they used to talk with each other over the phone.He was not here,he had gone to his home where his mother,father and sibling resided.It was some celebration that they had of a festival she can't strike it up her mind.And she thought to herself what can it be?And how did i forget it?

She checked up her phone and saw the last number dialed, it was his.She read carefully 9-09-10 at 11:00pm.She switched it off and tried to sleep again.

It had been almost 11days that they didn't had a conversation,it was not intentionally but she didn't have any choice of contact rather.The next day she was strolling in the park in the evening and she thought of ringing him up,now that she had a choice of.She called him up and they had a brief conversation and she got to know that he had come back from his trip back to his place where he lived alone.

She came back home and then called him.She didn't knew what to say instead she chose to listen to him.He was going on telling about these 11 long days.She was thinking something else and not paying full attention to the thing being spoken.She then finally thought that she had to give it up before she was too late.She sighed and said in that very moment "Ah..there is something i want to say".

He replied " yes surely you can say it now".She was haunted by all the if's and but's but she had to overcome all to say it the last time or the first time and that she had to know now.Twirling up the wire around her fingers of the phone that she had called from..she said "I love you".

He was silent for a moment and replied something which was more of a reply to himself rather than her.She asked "what is your reply?" He started telling that what he felt about her and when did he need her and out of surprise the call was cut and the conversation was interrupted....

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Love Death..

Walking bare feet,
up the cold stones.
It's kind of ticklish,
i embrace myself tight enough,
nothing gets past me.
Chilly air blowing, 
from the sides of the hug.
I am missing his warm clasp,
it's been missing for a longtime.
Was i always alone with him? 
or did he make me alone now?
I am now up here touching the clouds,
the cold oh it's softly killing me.
I rather tend to like it this way,
not that there is no other way for me to live up,
just that i can't be anyone's if not his.
Inch by inch i am nearing the edge;
the edge which will give me my last breathe.
My last moments,
my last thoughts,
my first and last love.
Forever i will be free;
I'll always be his.
This winter it's finishing me up fast.
It's consuming my palpitation.
This sensation of nothing below amazes me,
Yes i Finally die the death of you,
To be immortal and inseparable ,
from you my love.