"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Pressed against the cold stone,

there she lay trembling. 
Wishing for the pain to strike her again,
like it did the last time. 

She was afraid at first,
when it didn't touch her.
It left her numb the first time,
full of chill and bitterness.

Bashed up in the corner of the room,
like the waves crashing on stones.
There she lay bare with nothing on her,
wishing for the final gush to drain her.

It was a story never heard or told,
of the love which was solely hers.
By her to the prince of the sea.
Disgraced by the clan residing in cove.

The castle stood in between. 
High and magnificent.
It was beautiful and glistening,
dragged there she was by destiny.

Each day as she finished her chore as a maid,
she had a stroll in the evening. 
With the wind swaying her raven-black hairs,
knitted in a braid tied with silky red ribbons.

The prince with his charm and eloquence,
wandered like her sometimes in the twilight.
He glanced at her the first day they met.
Both hardly able to make their eyes resist.

Sensational sparks of strong affection.
Ringed in mind a soothing serenity.
Moved on towards each other unguided,
she found her self in his tight embrace.

Then on they cherished the unbreakable bond.
But that was loathed by the cosmos.
Each ear was aware of the news.
Spread like a wild fire in quiet forest.

The queen stealthily got her captured,
let her in the dark dungeons. 
Cruelty that was never seen,
she witnessed it there in each moment she breathed. 

Beaten with the hunters by masked men everyday,
blood oozing out of each flesh cut fresh.
Wincing in pain she laid shivering.
Cold spirits surrounding every bit.

Her mistake was that she loved.  
A person carrying much more name,
and dignity of the kings and queens.
And her clan just resided in the huts on cove.

Without the knowledge of the prince,
she was dragged to and fro the hell,
where she burnt every moment. 
Like a candle nearing its end.

The prince was in no better a condition,
roaming around above on earth.
Not knowing she resided just beneath,
in the dungeon of the castle.

A love apple that the king; 
produced to her once.
Was tightly wrapped around her waist.
In a silk handkerchief securely.

She never let it go as it, 
saved her from despising love.
It glowed all golden and shiny,
but as the life of prince was vanishing.

The apple turned slowly red and pale.
She couldn't make herself; 
to look at the deteriorating princes' health.
And cried for his pain day and night.

Both were nearing there end unknown.
Today was the last day the apple remained; 
It vanished in the thin smoke that prevailed.
She had no hope for herself now.

So she wished the pain would strike,
for the last time and forever.
Then she would be free from the hell,
embracing her prince like the very first day.

Her wish was heard she was thrown in sea.
She had a sharp stone, 
she drew it close to her wrist.
It dug through the skin making a gash.

She had the last pain of the hell.
And then she knew to her amazement,
she had finally made it to her love again.
The prince glowing in his shining Armour.
He clasped her tight,
the wait had made him moan.
Now they were in their rebirth of relation,
flushed with life and a beautiful aura.

At last they were mingled, 
to never let go.
And there love is and shall be,
they together took the oath. 


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Why do they have to die to meet in the lovers abode called heaven sometimes? Is the earth too small or too crowded for lovers?

Nice narrative Alcina.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Alcina said...

Because the world is too harsh and cruel and equal to hell for them.
crowded it always had been :P .. and ya it is very small as they say you move in circles and tend to meet the people you have already acquainted with.

Thanks..i am glad you could understand the piece as one :P

Lilangel said...

Hey there...coming to your blog for the first time...love your posts...nice blog up here :)

Alcina said...

@Lil angel

Thank you :)
I am glad you could love em'

Hope to see you chime in again :)

rivercat said...

omg I love this one. When i find time I shall return :)

Ninu said...

why there is always death in between the lovers??? i read another poem where she wanted to go off the edge to meet her love... :((

Alcina said...

Earth doesn't allows them too meet :P

Raghu said...

I ask th same Q, which everyone asked.. Y does th luv story has to end in a sad way..? :(