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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Book Review:Men On My Mind

Title:Men On my Mind
Author:Radha Thomas
Year of publication:2012

My first time in the sphere of reviewing a book and I start my journey with a book by Radha Thomas.
Characters unfurling in the beginning are The mom,step dad, younger brother and The aunt(The mom and The aunt being the prominent).Then slowly enter all the men on her mind plus the BFF’s to share the encounters with.

When she was residing in Mumbai her time was spent in boarding school which was St. Luke’s all-girls convent interspersed with vacations.There in the neighborhood was St. Paul’s-all boys convent where she encountered her first man(boy actually she and he were in their teenage life).Jasmine Patel her first BFF helped her pass letters to Darren Walsh(the guy) with the help of her brother who happened to be studying in St. Paul’s.Then luckily one day a Co-ed social was announced which meant that they had two hours of socializing with the boys.Wearing her best dress possible by borrowing here and there she finally met her guy.But all her dreams and hopes shattered as soon as the boy spoke to him as it fell upon that he had a voice similar to woody woodpecker or better yet Barry Gibb.

Then entered second BFF Fleur after she discovered that jasmine had no knowledge of real men.The mom magically agreed to let her spend three nights at Fleur’s house during the vacation.Johnny(20 years old and Fleur’s brother) while making her learn how to play guitar stole her first kiss.While during time spent outside with fleur on beach she encountered Sunil who invited her to a bar.After the vacations were over and they were back in school she managed two timing with Johnny as well as Sunil sending and receiving love letters.Fleur  knew about Sunil but Johnny was a secret to her.When the secret tumbled out they were BFF’s no more.Fluer ratted out to both about her and thus ended the letters.Rest of her year spent in school were without BFF’s,boyfriends and love letters.As she graduated from school she was informed by her mother that they were moving to Delhi.She was happy beyond words.

In Delhi inside a club Touch she encountered with her third BFF Leena. Touch became and integral part of her life as she spent time with Leena in there.Leena was a regular and knew the band performing there.There she encountered the DJ  then a violin player in the band.She also sang in their band.She got into college but due to the company she had she didn't really concentrate on studies and flunked big time.Mean while the aunt had got married to a Professor named Max in new York.

 She landed in New York worked with her aunt in the store while trying to find a way to get near guys but the aunt had strict instructions from the mom so it was impossible.Enter the violin player in scene again who came to New York to perform and got to be the first man to finally give her a firsthand experience of sex.

She finally decided to work braving the area of travel and tourism where she had numerous experiences found herself another BFF Kristen(Shas).Shas and she had many adventures together in China.Upon return to New York she had her time with many other guys and realized in the meanwhile that she has still to encounter her Mr. Right.

The book had a peculiar starting and then slowly turning into something interesting.The author has used The mom(for mother) and The aunt(for aunt) very effectively never naming the characters ever.My favorite lines from the books were these: “In the Garden of Eden,Martin’s Gonzo was a bonsai.” I don’t like the beginning much because it feels a tad bit drag.

It  tells you about what a woman desires with her little fickle-head.And a personal individual take on possibly every type of man.If you like little bit of humour and light read in between your  schedule then this is surely a book to catch upon.

So did she or didn't she find her Mr. Right?
Read Men On My Mind by Radha Thomas to find out!

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Raj said...

they all find their mr rights. they justr have to kiss frogs before though so they may know when the realprince comes.

i wouldnt know though :D

Diksha Sharma said...

Interesting review. Men might find the book helpful. :D

I don't know if you remember but i used to have a blog under the name "Audere Agere Auferre" and we were on each other's reading list.
I lost that blog, but i started a new one. I hope you can find some time to visit. IT would be lovely if we could follow each other again. :)