"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Sweet surprise

She stared the blue sky sitting at the beach.It wasn't sunny neither was it very chilly.Fairly pleasant wind was blowing as she was patiently waiting for him to arrive.Today has to be an important day,no it is an important day for her.She had been waiting for so long to pop this question to him.It did not matter if she was the girl in their relationship and he was the guy and the story should have been reverse.She was happy to take the initiative,if you want something you ought to ask for it.The wind ruffled her skirt and she continuously smoothed them.She had worn his favourite dress today.A black colored long skirt with crimson colored top.She had tied her hair loosely leaving some strands to linger on her face giving her face a soft hue.Her lips shined as she had decided on a strawberry gloss and had lined her eyes with kajal.
He was so confused today.Why was he behaving so,he had not given much of a thought earlier to what he wore but today it was different.Something told him to put on his best clothes.So he decided on a faded blue jeans and figure hugging black t-shirt.Leaving his black hairs to fall down simply which made his chocolate colored iris to shine brightly.He was late in deciding about what to wear but he knew she would wait.She had been always patient when it came to him.
As he approached near the entrance of the beach,he could see from far away,she was sitting there gazing the sky.Today the beach wasn't crowded that much.He neared her slowly and patted her on back.She turned back,her face was a sight so beautiful that he was captivated.As she shyly said Hie,he emerged from his spellbound state.
Hie.How long have you been waiting for me?
A little bit but you came fairly early.
He chuckled hearing her response which made her blush.
So we have the whole day.What are we going to do?
For starters tell me why are you so late?
Well that i can't really tell you but ask me anything else.You know i would tell you anything.
Okay.You know what you are looking really handsome.
You yourself are looking beautiful my dear.
He gave her a hand and she took it to stand up.It was around 11:00am in the morning.She had come to this other city specially to meet him.And this special visit of hers was what made him predict that there was something she was planning on.They walked on the sea-shore hand in hand.He was hungry that she knew and could make it from his behaviour so she pulled on his hand which made him look right at her.
Yes my dear.
You haven't had anything from the morning isn't it?
Ah! Yes.Do you want to go some place to eat?
She shook her head and from her bag she produced a tiffin showing it to him.He smiled at her.She spread a sheet and sat,patting the other side in front of her.He sat down.
Always ready as ever Sneha.
Only for you and with you Paarth that you know.
As she opened the tiffin,he was happy to see she had cooked his favorite.They ate while chatting about various things.Sharing a bite between them at times or he putting a bite in his mouth and he putting a bite in hers.He looked at her intently.And she exclaimed What?
You know you are going to tell me something.
Yes i am but why do you always know what i have in mind?
I don't know i can read you may be.
Okay now that you have broached this subject.Here.
She took out another box from her bag and opened the lid.There inside was placed a chocolate truffle cake.
Oh!For this cake.That is so sweet of you.
As he took the box from her and a spoon she offered,he plunged the spoon inside the cake.Scooping a piece he put the spoon to her mouth.She did not open her mouth.
This is for you.All of it.
Are you sure you are not going to have any?
He ate half the cake at times looking at her with a naughty gleam in his eyes.Then he offered a spoon to her.She finally took the bite.And at that very moment she realized something.She motioned him to come near her and kissed him while the cake rested inside her mouth.He stopped all of a sudden opening his mouth he pulled out something.Watching his amused expression she started laughing.

What is..It is a ring.
She took it from him and said Paarth I love you so much and i want to spend the rest of my life sharing each day with you.Will you marry me?
He was speechless and he put his hand in front of her.
Is that a yes?
Of course.I want to marry you.
And she pushed the platinum ring onto his ring finger covered in chocolate.She was beyond happy that he had accepted her proposal.The platinum ring marking the event nicely.As she gave a promise to him in this form of ring to always be there for him and to cherish their relation forever just like platinum.He hugged her tightly.As they sat their hugged planning about their wedding they realized the sun was already setting.They watched the sunset mesmerized as the sky was painted in a pinkish orange hue holding each others hand......To hold on to each other forever..


Sarah Malik said...

a girl proposing a guy and that too with a ring? wow! heard this for the first time (i mean the ring part) but sounds sweet ;)
cute story alcina..good luck!

Megha said...

That was such a sweet story....loving

Megha said...

That was such a sweet story....loving

Aditi Soni said...

Its really a well written piece. Great work. all the best
please read my post too and dont forget...promote it :-)

Lilangel said...

Hey girl :) Hope you doing good. Nice post as always :)