"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Game of blogs - Aryan's reverie (Round 2)

Team Blogsters 
It felt like yesterday to him that he had helped Shekhar and Roohi to leave Delhi. Roohi was being fed a different story by Shekhar as they were sitting inside the auto on their way to the train station. Seats were booked by Shekhar under their fake names. Aryan did not ask what was there name going to be and where they were going. He was just helping and he didn’t want them to be in danger in case he were ever interrogated. He could easily get away by saying he doesn’t know. He had provided the father and daughter duo with shelter till their fake IDs were being made by his friend Siddharth.

 The night before that day Shekhar had just tucked Roohi in bed and came to the drawing room. Without a single word being exchanged Aryan had prepared a drink for each. He handed Shekhar his glass while cheering it with his own. They were down fifth round and the alcohol was beginning to speak as Aryan heard Shekhar speak. It was all so surreal, he never thought that Tara, Shekhar and Roohi would break apart this way.

Shekhar was blabbering the same story again and again about how he had heard Tara speaking about divorcing him and taking Roohi’s custody. He was confessing his undying love for Tara but the very next moment he said he hated her for thinking of such a thing. As Shekhar was finishing his sixth drink, he collapsed right there on the carpet the honey coloured scotch staining the carpet slowly. Aryan picked him up slowly and placed him on the sofa.

They were friends though Aryan had been his senior. They both had worked in the same office for some time. Aryan had changed his job just in time. The office reminded Aryan of his wife.
 He hated his wife like he had never hated any other human being on this planet. He had a happy family but Neonica was always tough with Neil. Neil was their boy. She had never cared for them both, he did not mind that but she always belittled, underestimated and discouraged Neil. Neil came crying to him one night, as he was preparing his presentation. Neil never cried no matter what. He shut the laptop and hugged him. After a lot of coaxing he had complained about his mother. Aryan put him to bed and told him that all will be changed from tomorrow. The next day he had been shocked to find Neil lifeless on the bed. A white froth dripped from his mouth. He shouted for Neonica. When Neil was taken to hospital, he was declared brought dead. He had taken all the pills inside their first-aid box. Neonica was in shock, she never spoke after that day and he doesn’t know till date that where is she. He did not want to know. His ten year old was no more and it was all because of Neonica.

As he cleaned the Scotch from his carpet he was determined to provide Shekhar and Roohi their chance at a happy life. He did not want someone else to suffer from what he did.
As he was sitting in the drawing room sipping his morning tea the newspaper laid on the table. His eyes left the spot left by the scotch on his carpet as his thoughts ended. But a new trail began the very next. Tara was devastated, he had seen her go from youthful and young to old and worried in a matter of ten days. He was in fix whether to tell her or not. He could not risk Shekhar and Roohi but even Tara was in pain. He shook his head as he distracted his mind by reading the article creating headlines.  

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