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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ghar wali Diwali

The fun starts one month prior to Diwali day itself. The work starts by cleaning the house, rearranging the furniture and painting the whole house. It seems like we are creating a new energy in our home to welcome Diwali. On Diwali Lakshmi puja is the main attraction for the elderly people whereas children lookout for the best crackers. I used to start crying for crackers two weeks prior to Diwali. My younger cousin brother and I used to burn the crackers together. My aunt, uncle and brother with my whole family used to have a Diwali day spent with each other. My uncle used to be my example for buying crackers, he used to bring the latest crackers and I used to be filled up with happiness just looking at them. This particular Diwali that I have in my mind was extra special because my aunt, uncle and cousin sisters had also joined us at our house. They had come from U.S.A and over there my sisters did not have any experience of burning crackers. So my aunt, brother and I had decided to show them what they had missed out on. We had gone through with the exchange of gifts and sweets in the morning and had a nice lunch. My brother and I started to bring the crackers together, in front of our house. My aunt used to accompany us in this auspicious work. Then we brought our two little sisters outside in the evening. We strolled with them in and around our colony to show them all the decorations that adorned each house because of Diwali. They were more than happy with that alone. But we told them that there is a bigger surprise. So when we reached home, we got to work instantly. We brought the candles and matchbox outside. We made them stand at a distance and watch the show first. The sparklers were the first in line, we moved them round and round to make temporary lightning drawings in the air.

Next came out the charkhari(a round firecracker which when burnt revolves at a high speed making a circle of light around it), some were not lighting at first and the ones which lighted in first go surprised us. The ones which got lighted more of startling us made us the laughing stock for our sisters.
The next were anar bomb(cone shaped firecrackers which when lighted from the tip produce light high above itself), which were lighted by our ever faithful sparklers. The light produced from each anar was different. Green, blue, orange and yellow lights coming from them caught us in the moment.
Now we called our spectators to burn crackers. Eager but apprehensive they picked up the sparklers and lit them. They were mesmerized. We let them burn an anar or two with their sparklers and they were beyond happy by that time. Finally the time for the main crackers came up. The rocket and the 3 feet long sparkler were the one for that season. When the 3 feet long sparkler was lit, each and everyone in our house came out to look at the beautiful sight. The rocket was taken to the terrace. A glass bottle was arranged and then began the fun. We put the rocket inside the glass bottle and with the sparkler we burned the wick and saw the rocket soaring in the sky. The firework was amazing and as the five rockets were finished blazing in the sky we looked for more. But they were finished and we weren’t really contended. That is when our uncle came from behind us and surprized us by producing one more rocket. This particular rocket was the best. From one rocket we saw fireworks for fifteen times.
My cousins and I were uber happy by the end of our celebration. My sisters got to know what was #GharWaliDiwali all about and the highlight in the evening just made them celebrate it back in U.S.A as well from then on.


To celebrate GharWaliDiwali visit this site https://www.gharwalidiwali.com/

GharWaliDiwali with Pepsi and Kurkure :)


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WritingForLife said...

Aww, this is such a sweet post. No holiday is good without family and I am glad yours was great :-)