"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Getting together

It is always fun when you meet your family relatives or friends. These family meetings take place on some special occasions or some religious activities or festivals. The relatives gather around and the humdrum in the surrounding atmosphere just charges up everything. Everyone in family finds their own interest group and start chatting or gossiping immediately.

With friends it’s a bit different. A friend is someone with whom you don’t have a blood relation but yet you feel connected somehow. I have a friend of mine right from the school days. We did not spend the whole twelve years of schooling together but yet we are close to each other. We gave board exams together, chatted all day long on phone and met whenever possible. But as we go ahead in our life we realize that we have different priorities and goals and hence the long hours of chatting and talking are reduced considerably. Meeting almost ceases to exist. 

One day we were chatting after a long time on phone and a question came up. The following question led to a realization. We couldn’t really recollect the last time we met. We wanted to change this situation as soon as we could. So we decided to meet up the very next day.

We were really excited to be with each other after such a long time. I left from my home early to go to her place. When I reached there and saw her, our smiles were matching to each other. We hugged and went to sit in her room. I was clueless that was exactly happening in her life and she had the same thoughts for me. 

So we began talking like we used to back in school. She started telling me every story right from the start till the end. And I got to know about some of the problems in her life. We discussed how the situations could be handled. I told about everything that had happened in my life. It felt like we slowly were coming to the current moment and did not miss anything at all. It felt really nice to finally be in front of each other and share everything. We felt like we were reliving the moments from our school time. We sat on the balcony and remembered the silly things we used to do. Brought out all the old letters and scribbles we used to do. The nostalgia was overwhelming. We had the same food that day. Her mother used to make really nice kidney beans and rice. We even watched our favourite movie. That day I felt like all the worries and tensions had gone away. I was at peace. As we parted we promised to meet every month from then on. 

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