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Saturday, July 04, 2015

To change or to flow? Is it Complex or simple?

It is interesting how things change so soon. Or we think they change soon, it happens gradually and till we get to the final result we think it just happened all of a sudden. The changes that we want to have and imply it deliberately are the changes which are the most excruciating and long.
It is always good to have a change or is it at times bad too? I have no idea. I am still adjusting to the idea of change willingly. I know it happens whether I want it or not but I feel like catching hold of it and stopping it.

I want to still the time and stop the change. Well, I cannot win from time, I have to flow with its flow.
The interesting thing about moments(it is said it becomes when 90seconds pass) is that if you miss them, you miss them but even if you are in the moment afterwards you are going to miss them.
This world works in a screwed way. Well if so then what is the problem? After all what in this world is not complicated?

I have an idea which is, that at the beginning of the time when human beings known as early man came to be present on earth, the things were simple. You could touch a flower and it would smile at you, you could lie on the ground and it would hold you in its womb, you could sit by a tree and it provided you with a shelter and many more things like that.

Sounds simple, no?

But with human came anger, jealousy, competition, greed and words having meanings somewhat similar to them. This is what led to the simplicity being screwed.

Now simple is operating a mobile by a toddler, chatting on skype with a dear one, watching whole world through internet and so much more. It is said simple but it has a huge labyrinth of algorithms and extra mind working just to fulfil a wish, to meet with greed and not needs. We have made our lives simply complicated.

To simplify the complications we provide it with some more complication. And this continues.
Now in place of flower we touch metal and glass molded into desired needs(greed), lying on the fluffy cotton bed is more pleasure and we have concrete buildings to cover us(our shelter). This is what is simple to us.

I see I have flowed in my thoughts around here and I see how complex it is, from change to time to simple to complex. Such is the transformation in our lives..

I sitting here operating my laptop and sharing my view with the world is simple now. Is it really?

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