"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

You and me..

Galore of mysteries unfold!
From your tousled hairs,
which i brush with my hands.
From your sweet smile,
that i glance in moments.
From the shut eyes,
through which you still look at me.
From the quivering lips,
that i taste bitter-sweet.
From your moistened eyes,
that i wipe away.
From your embrace binding me in,
that i savor every bit.
From your heartbeats,
that i lie on your chest and hear.
From the silence of us,
that the undefined relation holds;
Of you and me the story unfolds.. 


Snowflakes said...

very beautiful.

booguloo said...

Here's to a long lasting love.

Robert Gibson said...

Lovely write ... so romantic :)

Rahul said...

This was just soooo beautiful !!!!!Amazing..:-) Great job!!!

Cяystal said...

Made me smile.

Beyond Horizon said...

shut eyes still can see..lovely lovely :D

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Wonderful! Very vivid and romantic.


⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

Beautiful :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Some untold stories are always happy enough to warm the cold winters, like the lukewarm sun of respite.

Nice read.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Reggie White said...

Amazingly beautiful write.

Simran said...

''From your embrace binding me in''
So beautiful! :)

Liked that image too ..

Care & Love to my sweet Snehu..

KavyaAlone said...

hearttouching..nice poem

Tarang Sinha said...

Lovely composition!:)