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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I am 18!

Going 18 has its own charms? I don't know really.And as far as in know people have a tag for every year added as a candle on your cake or they simply make one but out of those the stepping into teenage world,turning into adult,entering middle-age and going onto 60's are the most celebrated ones.I feel that before becoming 18 you have many new things lined up for you(mostly).You start to think what would it offer you or rather what is that is so cool about being an adult.Right now i feel like i am standing on a deserted island with what way to choose to cross over is alien to me(It is because of the timing of my birth date ).I am sometimes mesmerized by the beauty surrounding me and at times i just stand and stare totally blank.I am going to make some changes in my life, not that i have chose to but it is important at this phase of my life otherwise i would be one of the left out ones.
You sit somewhere peaceful enjoying a nice cup of whatever you like.You think about the past and what all has made you what you are today.Now there are choices 
A)You remember the bad things.
B)You remember the good things.
C)You remember both.
Now doing A) B) or C) have their own plus and minus points but how would you know that you are doing the right thing.When after finishing that cup of whatever you like you still have that peaceful thinking and ability to judge the beauty of 
your surrounding intact.You have not let your past affect you, rather you have made your decision to move along with whatever you have and to make the best of whatever is going to come ahead of you.That is being an adult(according to what i feel,you can modify or tell your own definition ).
As per these numbers being added to your ages its a judgmental parameter.The government says that you are an adult and have the power to enjoy some advantages that you could not when you were not termed as one.
Whatever i don't feel an iota of change as of now,gradually everything changes in life so its not an attribute of being 18 and adult.But with the coming of this age whether i feel something different or not but i do have to do list to complete my adulthood.
1.My mother bubbling with happiness said you have to now manage your account(Actually she was maintaining it finally she can rest that in my hands).
2.I have to get a voter's id(As if i am eager  )
3.I can get a valid license to drive!!!!!!!!!!(This is the only thing that is making me happy right now )
4.I can go for movies rated A(Adult)(As if i was not watching one when i wasn't )
5.I have to get my passport renewed myself and that too online and if you guys read the newspaper or are doing anything related to passport then you might know renewing passport online is one hell of a task!! And this is because after you are an adult you can get the validity of your passport as 10 years(India) (These are my father's order)
The list can go on but this all what i have right now on my mind and yeah for some,one important thing might be missing.But you have already gone through this phase or going through or about to go through and you know what is that one thing that i have not mentioned here and is pretty obvious  .And this one thing was mentioned to me right at 12 after wishing me.
And most importantly now people can taunt me by pointing out my age and say "You are an adult now it is your responsibility" 
That is that and here i wish myself Happy adulthood and i turn 18 today  and i don't know if it is early to put it like this but i ain't afraid of getting older and neither of dying  If someone at all reads this then do share your 18 or stepping into adulthood in comments!
1.P.S.-I guess i can even booze or is it 21? 
2.P.S.-Co-incidentally i have got my 118th follower as i turn 18.It's you *Dark Angel*
Key to my adulthood!


Crystal said...

Congratulations Alcina! I wish you all the best! I loved what you said about the past, about not letting it hold you back.. well said!

As far as my coming of age story.. I remember that before I turned 18, I couldn't wait to become an adult. I wanted my freedom. Then when the moment came, I just realized how many stupid mistakes I had made.. and I just wanted to go back and do everything all over again.. Do it differently. But that would have been silly. The only thing for me to do was make amends and make peace with others and with myself.

And age isn't really anything but a number.. You'd be surprised how small I feel sometimes. It's like I'm 12, 14, 16 and 17 all over again.. The child in me will never seem to die.. but perhaps that's a good thing.

Stay young Alcina. Live your life the way a normal 18 year old would do but always remember the child inside.

vaisakhi said...

happy wala birthday dear....enoy ur 1st step in adulthood...lys is gonna be a bubble gum of fun now...u chew on it..its gets larger n intrstin...:)...lots of love...:)))


ohooo!!!! itz a b'day girl... A Great b'day wishes to you my dear :) and this post was a great one...
& yaa the main thing which made me excited about my 18 was voters ID and my licence to drive :)

Green Speck said...


yaa turning 18 has its own charms and charisma. i remember the time when I passed this face. But its more about balancing responsibility with fun...a lot to learn for you now...All the best :-)

And have a Great Birthday :-)

Ruchi Jain said...

congos.. the 18 gal..

Mak said...

Happy birthday Alcina :) oops it is belated b'day now.
I guess one thing you missed to mention is that you are legally entitled to lose your happiness, i mean get married ;-)
Welcome to adulthood dear

La Dolce Vita said...

Alcina, wishing you a very very happy Birthday ! Turning 18 ! Age is just a number-and for me it really is. I am 34, almost double your age but I feel as if I am communicating with my friend when I communicate with you. I do not feel that age difference.
Everything is in the mind…including age and freedom. Legally, you are entitled to some new rights, true, but the freedom of the mind is true freedom.
When I was your age, I really don’t remember how I felt…I was very busy in my studies…most of my time was spent studying. I was not very clear about my goals then. As I got older, I became more sure of myself.
But Alcina, you belong to the new generation and I feel that children of this generation are more confident. You, for example, can write like a grown up person-you are talented at such an young age. I also feel that your emotional age is much higher than your chronological age.
All the best !

Kiran Ashraf said...

Belated Happy Birthday sweetie :)It took me down the memory lane. beautifully written :)

Alcina said...

:) I hope i am able to keep the child alive in me!
Thank you so much for the wishes!

Alcina said...

Thank you so much..but wont it burst some time :P so i better not think of it as bubble gum :P

Alcina said...

Thank you so much for the wishes..am not excited about the voters id part :P

Alcina said...

@Green Speck
Thank you so much.Life is but all about learning,when you cease to learn it is kind of an end to liveliness :)
I had a great birthday!

Alcina said...

Thank you :)

Alcina said...

No problem..wishes accepted over here though you have already wished me :P
And seriously i don't actually like the concept of marriage so it is not a thing i have given thought to :P

Alcina said...

@La Dolce Vita
You don't know how much your comment made me smile.Thank you so much and it is so good to hear that we connect like friends :)
And about age being a number is so true that you said.
THank you so much!!

Alcina said...

@Kiran Ashraf
Thank you so much Kia di.
I never thought someone would match to it with there own 18 and it feels nice to hear that you had a ride back the lane.

Hope you had a happy visit here!!
Keep chiming..