"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Black coffee

People sugar coat damn too much.No one likes the truth simply they want it in a way that doesn't hurt them.Rarely i have interacted with people who like the truth as it is.But there is a condition that they have a particular mood and time to listen to it that we have to identify.Well the first rule of getting your work done is to say something nice and sweet about the person.when the person is basking in the glory of their flattery you can use the opportunity to get your work done.I don't see that where do people get true friends from.
Who do get one they are truly blessed.A guaranteed fair weather friend and a friend with a back stabbing tendency are free everywhere always.
Lies do not come inside of us inbuilt we each have a role model in disguise.We listen to the lies from them,hate them for it and then slowly and gradually we pick up their style of lying and then it is mutual.
When ones we achieve the trust and faith of a person i.e. they tell us all about themselves without having to poke them for information then you know you have reached a soft corner and hurting them is too easy cause you know their weaknesses.As well as you have an extra bonus of being treated in a different way than others in your peers or group of people by that person.I see people blinded with the other by the mere exception that they like them and trust them and have total faith in them.They don't see what is wrong with the person.Their flaws end up becoming their beauty.

I know i have written something very much broken up.It is like one thought lead to the other and this is what it made.But yeah one thing guaranteed it has a clear view of lies and undertone of bitterness,jealousy and hatred.
And now a conversation that has been reeling in my mind from the starting of this post.Maybe you can relate to it or may be you cannot.So here it is

Backdrop-Coffee shop

M-Can you tell me why i like Black coffee so much?
T-Yeah! Because it is pure and has no adulteration.

You can rarely find a Black coffee and if you do you have hit a jackpot and should make sure you drink from them forever.Yes drink from them cause they are true,pure,selfless and solely dedicated to satiating your thirst.


*Dark Angel* said...

Everyone loves edited stuffs, so why not sugar coated words? people are actually scared to face reality, scared to hear the ugly truths. I am blessed to have friends who praises me a little but stick with me through thick n thin no matter what happens.
I love black coffee a lot! I live for coffee.

M in love said...

Hey dear, been so long since I have been on your blog and you seem to have matured in your writing.. The post looked like it had many layers.. Yes people like the truth to be as they want it to be..sugarcoating works!