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Monday, December 17, 2012

Straight way

Almost like every teenager girl i have this desire to give my hair the perfect style and frankly speaking (not because of the competition) i love long perfect straight hairs.I remember watching a girl on television in the advertisement having long,straight and lustrous hair.She used to sway them in air with a big smile on her face.Yes that advertisement was of sunsilk only.Oh!How i used to envy those locks and i had short hair back then and was 5 or 6 years old.

I have done number of things to get that straight look.Earlier my hairs were messy curls.I oiled them and used shampoo but the result just lasted till my hairs were wet.That was sad well i din't give up.I oiled my hair once again,put shampoo,conditioner and finally did a steam wrap voila! my hairs were straight but alas! just for few days.Then came advice from here and there.
I tried different hair styles and cuts but they did not render any change in the look of my curls.They just vanished for the day that i had a cut and after that very day i found my hairs back to their favorite curly look.People liked my curls very well but i wasn't giving up on my like.Like every other girl (only this time i let my girly cells work because hairs are something i love to death) i tried those "ghar ke nuskhe"(home made remedies) and all.Washing your hair with yogurt,strained water of chenopodium (bathua) and water of hibiscus(i.e. hibiscus flowers boiled in water).Hot oil massage remember the parachute hot oil champi :P that one.Coconut milk and lemon was my last option with these natural remedies.But to no avail my hairs pretty adamant you see.Did you notice i din't write using eggs in there above anywhere :-/ I find the idea quite creepy as well as smelly.So no matter what i have never ever even thought of trying that technique.

So finally i decided what was i gonna do and it is till date the craziest thing for me to do with my hairs not to mention dangerous.I repeated the procedures for washing my hairs i.e. oiling them,washing them them with shampoo and conditioner and then when they were absolutely dry i placed a towel on my bed.Took iron(press) let it get heated up.Placing my hairs on the towel and combing them for like 50 times(literally) i ironed my hair :-/ ....for say about five-six minutes then i couldnt stop touching them again and again.From 
then on they havent turned into messy curls ever.

P.S.-This is written and submitted by me for the Indiblogger competition.

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