"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Thursday, December 13, 2012


From past two three days interestingly i am engaging in chit chats regarding the paranormal realm.When i was small i used to be so afraid of these things and i remember i told my mother that i won't ever be able to go out in dark alone like you do it is so scary.And my mother used to coo me saying everything will be alright when you grow up.I failed to understand her then but now i know what she used to say.
Now these things or i should rather say mysteries catch me off guard. I stick to them instantly without even my realization.They intrigue me to great heights.People in general are afraid of this but i feel a thrill reach down me standing alone in the dark trying to feel presence of others residing in the parallel dimensions.A eerie shiver runs down my spine and a tiny speck of fright leaves with it,then all lies is a soothing aftermath.
All it needs is a connection,no matter how little it may be.It helps so much to connect with the YOU inside you.
The esoteric signs and symbols are around us everywhere.But as the word says it is only to be understood by the people who can understand the mystic and religious connotations.Everything that happens around us is calculated and predictable.Some people are afraid when they know that something is predictable others merely prepare themselves to enjoy the predicted without tampering the calculation.The harmful ones are those who know what is going to happen and tamper with the calculation involving themselves in a lifelong misery uncalled for.

There is a barrier between illusion and reality.What do you do when they permeate their boundaries to bind with each other and mix like they were never separate?

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LaDolceVita said...

I agree with your thoughts. How we perceive our reality and life is what we will get in the end...some people look for answers within social boundaries and relationships, others look for them in the mystical realm...

ritesh said...

Paranormal is my favorite topic. I can go on this topic on and on...In my blog, you will come across around 40 stories of paranormal (fiction of course, except for two).

PS- I love horror
PPS- There is someone standing behind you