"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Saturday, August 17, 2013


He shook her voilently.Moving her face to look at his.
He-What happened?
He-Then why are you being like this?
She-Like what?
He-You are not responding to me.
She-Yes i am.
He-Where is your smile?
She-Right here.You are looking at it right now.
He was very angry with her by now.His patience was slowly slipping away as he could see her flash that fake smile.It only told him the damage was far too deep and done.
He-Why won't you answer me god-dammit!
She-That is what I said to you.You were too busy to notice.
And there was silence as tears streaked down her face.He stood there helpless..


Lubaina E. said...

The way this conversation ends, priceless!

Ecstasy said...

This totally reminds me of how frustrating it is when your loved one is too busy to notice you! Be it any subtle thing !
My way is throwing tantrums! And the patience is lost on the other side :D
Yet again a short but an amazing write up :P
I know i didn't totally relate to what you said :D But I got reminded of my stupidity :P

And thanks for the lovely comment :D

Zeba said...

Sigh. :(

Sneha said...

Oh my!

S said...

The contrasts in the emotional levels of the two characters is beautifully depicted.
I loved reading this and the other one,
I hope you are doing well,
take care,

Dhara said...

It's hard to relate to this as I have the world's most attentive man however, Alcina, I am totally in love with your writing style as it carries me in to that situation.

rohit Iyer said...

A very daedal piece.. Keep it coming !! \m/

Memoirs of a Drunken Junkie

Megha said...

:( Everything has a time, once it gone, sorry, please can't heal the wounds.

Alcina said...

@Lubaina E.
You caught the best part :)
Thank you.

Alcina said...

It is completely fine to not to relate.It is just to read and feel.And by the way that is fictitious darling.I don't have no man in my life :P
Happy for your relation :)
take care

Alcina said...

That said a lot :)

Alcina said...

That was so incomplete.But never mind.
Hope you had a happy visit here(not post wise :P )
Keep chiming!!

Alcina said...

You are always so kind with me :)
Everything is just fine.
Thank you so much.

Alcina said...

Ah! An accomplishment there.Thank you so much darling.

Alcina said...

Thanks dude!

Alcina said...

Yep exactly.Everything has their own time.Thanks for turning up here.