"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


She was a housewife.She had big dreams of becoming a professor of English literature.But when she was married without her will,she had to agree on the terms and conditions laid by her husband.He was one of the CEO 's of a company.They were childless even after 4 years of marriage.They never knew each other personally.It used to be as if she was the waiter of the hotel,he used to come eat,ask for the room,sleep,get up in the morning and get all his things up-to date and leave the hotel to come back again in the night.
She........oh had nothing to do.The only pleasure she had was of a call that she used to get or give.She had abandoned her dreams,hopes,aspirations and emotions somewhere she could not be able to visit mostly her soul could not.
That moment of the interrupted call was too long for her like lots and lots of years that have passed in a fraction of a second.The door bell rang,she kept the receiver back in its place and received her visitor of the night which was same as all these 4 years. 
Yes,she used to talk to a guy which was not her husband.He was a petrochemical engineer and had been working for three years now.
There was once this boring party that she had to attend with her husband where she excused herself for sometime to the washroom so that she could overcome her tears and not let the Kohl liquidate (those tears were natural after just 2 months of marriage,she took much time to abandon even them).
This guy entered and smiled looking at the mirror,which was more to her than the mirror.She was somehow happy to see that smile and surprisingly she smiled back at him.He noticed her glowing watery eyes and asked if he could talk for a moment with her.They spent fifteen minutes there inside and she had open up whole of her life to him.She was amazed that how much she needed to open those lips.Then he said we can keep this going on for as long as she wished to but now that she has told him about her husband,he said "exchange numbers if you feel free to talk".Without a second thought she wrote something on a paper and handed it over to the guy.

From the other day on they took to talking with each other.He used to share up everything and she the same.That day she had gathered all the courage left in her and told that how much she loved him.
So as her husband came and sat on the table to be served with his food.The phone rang up.She was carrying a glass of water ,it slipped out of her hand.She ran as fast as she could towards the phone.She picked it up and she knew who it was.He said from the other end "I love you too"...."leave him right away,I am gonna marry you".She was in tears after such a long gap,those were the tears of happiness and his husband was standing right there over the table,looking livid and as if inebriated.
She kept the phone and looked towards him and said "I have done my duties for years without a word with you, neither you tried to talk.You have been busy all these 4 years and we were bound in a contract and not love after that marriage.I have hated each moment with you.And now at this very moment wish to leave you".
He said softly with those red eyes glistening as if about to cry "I have been too scared of this contract that you stated just now.I never wanted it to happen ,i loved someone and that person died.I could not be happy anymore after that and this was forced upon me by my elders.And today i am happy that you have your love and could speak this freely to me.Order me rather than request.Go and i won't stop you.You would receive the divorce papers as soon as possible from my side".
Her happiness knew no bounds,she packed her things up.She headed towards his place and he was there standing on the door with that assuring smile to receive her in his arms.

Now it has been almost 2 years after that day of interrupted call and she is happily divorced from her husband and married to her love.Maya is expecting her second baby with Paarth and is teaching as a professor.Maya has the perfect life right now and she has revived all the dreams,hopes,aspirations and emotions.She has found her soul-mate and their life.....

P.S.-Edited to rectify mistakes by mystic.payel .(in red)


simran said...

Nice story :-)
In a realationship the most important thing is understanding between each other and believe...
Thanks for making readers aware of importance of understanding between the life partners..
After all it's about whole life !!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

The last call hung up, and this, just made a life. God, am in tears. Bhu hu hu...(sorry if I did not cry in the right manner :P) hehehahaha nice work. I liked the extremes when I think of these two posts back to back.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Alcina said...


Mention not re.. :P
Thank you for describing the essence :)

Alcina said...

@Blasphemous Aesthete

Indeed a sarcastic cry from you :P

Thanks for observing the extremes :)

Sourav C. Pandey said...

Nice and complete. At times, it takes time to realizations to set in :)

Alcina said...


Yes it does..But it should be in time otherwise it may not be of any significant progress or worth.

Thank you..!!

Rhythmic said...

A sad story with a happy ending.

I loved it!

Keep up the good work.

Alcina said...

Thank you..

Thanks for chiming in and would surely write some more