"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Saturday, October 08, 2011


Not that the one who has not faced it understands it completely but still they do to some extent.The pain that one has to bear for a lifetime and the nightmare that never seems to erase off no matter how hard you try to wipe off and start a fresh.
Through the silent room soft sobs were let away in the winter air.Rohini hugged herself tight through the blanket wrapped around her.She had been touched and exploited by someone who had known her and that what pinched her the most the way she could do nothing about it.She could not tell anyone and the one with whom she shared it with she didn't know if that person understood or not that what it really was like.The pain that she was experiencing.One year is about to pass by she is still struggling with the memory.It's painful and tears trickle down her cheeks and she can't tell anyone that what is that she cries for.Through the dark night and the insects are the only company to her.Trying to lull her to sleep by there incessant sounds.
The sun rises wishing a smile to every face that wakes up but what about the one who never slept just because they were afraid that he would catch her in sleep too and she could not run away from that thought until she could break her nightmare immediately.No one besides to put her head to rest on there lap and caress her hairs softly to make her know that she will be safe no matter what.
Her heart seems to stop after she is finished on tears.She has to begin her day again holding her head high and bearing a fake smile just so that she can make through the day to find again the haunting night inviting her on a spree of innumerable sleepless nights.
If only he knew what irreversible harm has he done to her..

P.S.-Abuse in any way sexual,verbal,date,cyber etc. have equal impact on the mind and heart of a person.If only it could stop..if only the people we knew didn't cheat us..if only they knew how much pain does it cause..if..
A pray and a wish that i add for every cry and every tear shed by the abused each night in their confined walls that if there is a power that can heal or stop then may it do so before they loose their hopes and wish to live.


Reicha Ahluwalia said...

It was a touchy post again .
Maximum times a girl is a sufferer.

Nice post !

Amigo said...

hmmm...true..Abuse in any way has equal impact on mind!

Hamza Bin Ladin said...

I'm against all types, mediums of abuse.
Nice post.

Alcina said...

Yeah right girls are the maximum sufferer..
Thanks..and glad that it could touch you

Alcina said...

Thanks for reading and agreeing :)

Alcina said...

I think majority of them are but it's hard to know when the devil makes the move you know..
Thank you

Anonymous said...

I must agree - any abuse, whether seen or unseen by the "world of outsiders" has a profound affect on the person ... the toll is a mighty one ... the healing a long but necessary road to confront so life can get rebalanced. Thank you for sharing, and for visiting! Blessings ~~

Raj said...

friggin painful.

Cяystal said...

Oh God. This was rather painful. Hard to imagine people can put to test those who were source of happiness to them once to pain and misery in such grotesque forms. :(
Poignant post!

KP said...

Very touching post indeed and your PS, says something that many dont understand.. very well said.. Happy to know u via ur writings..!

Alcina said...

When you can agree and understand..i can feel my task accomplished

Thank you..
May God bless you too!

Alcina said...

Indeed it is!

Alcina said...

Bitter reality of life i guess..we just have to make sure we are not trapped and if we are may other souls be spared.

Alcina said...

Glad you understood it!
Well hope we will stay connected always!

Hope you had a happy visit here!
Keep chiming..