"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Monday, May 14, 2012


Life is full of it.Whenever you think you have got an answer you would be somehow bent to think of the other side or possibility.I have met two people recently whom i found so damn contradicting that i could not stop myself from writing this.

First situation
A girl of 20 years,wants love from someone.At times she thinks that he loves her and some times she can't help but make out other possibilities such as a no.
She -I don't know how i should ask him this but i know he loves me.He says so many things which point to it.
I -Good.Then you should ask him sometime soon.

Some other day with a bad mood how she talks about the same subject
She -He does not care for whatever i do he only talks to me when he needs me.I know i am no one in his life.
I -*Silence*
And then she goes on about the negative aspects...contradicting something she might have said some hours ago in the same day.
When a man cares for you out of his good mood take it as it comes,as you are actually being pampered.You don't know when and how the same mood slips and becomes something which makes you cry.And again keep the possibility in your mind that it is not necessary if a man cares for you that he loves you or if a man loves you he would care for you.At times certain love stories aren't the perfect fairy tale ones and neither are they as simple as a proposal given and accepted.When you can wait for your love with sure perseverance and patience then someday you might know the truth from the person(again keeping false hopes are subjected to your conditions) or you can not wait for an answer and move on with your life to find a partner who would propose you or accept your proposal.

Second situation
A guy of 21,does not quite believe in relationships.And has what you call a knack for friends with benefits.
He -There is something good about this girls.
I -And what is that?
He -All of them i had a relation like this are wonderful human beings.
I -What exactly does that mean?
He -I have a relation such as this when i know they have a nice heart.
I -What has heart to do with this kind of a relationship?

He says he can't afford to be in a relationship but yet whosoever he sleeps with or f***s wants that they have a nice heart.When you would f*** someone and move on what's the point that they have a nice heart or not after all you are engaging for pleasure(read lust) and not love.

And last but not the least.I have known this person for quite sometime.
Third situation
A guy in his late 20's.Is high on life,happy go lucky and knows how to enjoy life.He likes what is known as change.He believes in the quote 'Only change is constant.'
In a conversation
I -Is change that necessary?
He -It's the rule of life.You cannot avoid it so better be with it than against it.

A conversation with him some other time
I -If you love someone won't you say it to her?
He -I don't know.
I -That is not an answer explain me why wont you say it to her?
He -I think once i commit in a relationship i would have a big change.

Now what more could i have said about it to him.He likes changes and accepts them but then why can't he accept one in the sphere of love?Afraid that it is big eh?
Which WAY do you want to go?
Even head is yours and tail is yours.Then what's the meaning of tossing around.


Ruchi Jain said...

Hey i loved your writing , this one of a girl and boy and their expectations ( specially gals expect to be more Pampered) and thoughts were really nice,, and i liked your earlier posts too that one I wish i never know u, the picture and quote written aside is true,,and your poem too...:)

Enigmatic Soul said...

I find myself up in your words, especially in the description of the girl. Yes, I get swayed by my mood shifts and am quite prone to contradict everything I say or do. But perhaps, to an extent, we all are. A bad event, a bad day is all that is needed to unleash the volcano of negativity inside me. For instance, even after a beautiful relationship that lasted more than two years and a distance separating continents, I am still caught up with the same fears as the girl. But it is only momentary.

In the other two descriptions, I agree with you. Completely.

Guess, life has this bad, bad habit of tossing us around. :)

Rupertt Wind said...

When it comes to love they are all idiots, me too! but don't judge them on it! but the second type I despise them they don't know the first thing about love. All they know is desires and they are sure to find themselves alone one night or the other.

Mak said...

Veri ironic but not surprising Alcina. As your first words say 'life is full of it'.
These are the typical mindsets we come accross but the first one is too complicated and the perspectice leads us to it.
Well scribbled.

Alcina said...

I am glad you put in so much effort and time :)
Thank you.I see you could connect with the thoughts.

Hope you had a happy visit here!!
Keep chiming..

Alcina said...

@Enigmatic Soul
It is good when the bad feelings are momentary :) Yes bad day is a good influencer you know.
Thanks for agreeing :)
Well hold on tight and you might appreciate other ways of toss :)

Alcina said...

@Rupertt wind
:) In love all really become idiot it seems..but in a way both sides are saying present mam!
Well lets hope they don't turn alone but with someone for the rest of their life without change.

Alcina said...

Yes right it is very common but it was only this time that i really wanted to write about it.
The first case can be on for debate forever!
Do you find anything other than complication in the first one?
Thank you..you presence made me delighted :)

Zeba said...

This is making me think now. :-)

Alcina said...

Was written to stir a thinking..
Though you din't share what thoughts did ye have?

Hope you had a happy visit here!!
Keep chiming..

PurpleMist. said...

Wow.. these stories are actually quite interesting, like when you compare them with each other.
Very ironic.

First time on your blog, new follower here, thanks for commenting on mine :)

Mak said...

Alcina, I see expectations being not lived up to. The expectations of being constantly loved and cared without heeding to whatsoever the situation is.
I see how one person's assumptions bring a whole lot of changes in a healthy relationships. A change to yhe extent of breakup.
It all depends on how well you understand each other.

Alcina said...

@Purple Mist
It was my pleasure to read and comment !

Hope you had a happy visit here!!
Keep chiming..

Alcina said...

Agreed with it.But here the situation is that they are yet not in a relation cause the answer is hanging in between or rather question is still unanswered.
Understanding is one of the basic keys :)

P.S.-You remind me a lot of a fellow blogger who used to write long time back.

Raindrop said...

you keep making me revisit my 20s :) wow so much of confusion and expectations and emotional passing the parcel.

Alcina said...

:) seems you are liking going back a bit!