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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The scent..

A fragrance wafted in the air.I thought i knew it as i was nodding my head with the beats of the song playing on my i-pod.And as i reeled through each song i could find some bits of memories from my life matching with the wordings of the song.Sure thing happens with most of us.So back to the fragrance.I knew that i have felt it before somewhere but where that was the question.
I looked out of my room struggling out of the warm blanket wrapped around me.There was utter darkness and pin drop silence.Then with utmost precision i opened the creaking window.With full care so that it doesn't wakes anyone else.
I looked outside and there was no one but i could feel the scented air.The diffusion had been slow as the scent came in small bits after every absorbing moment.
I got up and went outside.The night looked more beautiful when you can feel it engulfing you.And that is exactly what i felt,one with dark and silence.
I moved through the wet grasses bare foot,as my anklets jingled happily.There was no tree around our house and nor could anyone find a house to call neighbor before walking 3 kms.
I moved on watching the fireflies flying in the tall grasses.The owls eyes shining perched upon a distant tree.The stars were gazing me and moon was lighting my path.I could feel myself going closer to the scent.And there I saw it.The one fragrance that made me way happy.
As i could feel the winter chills advancing with each passing day.And so i realized it's time for it.The circle of white bunches of pretty flowers scattered underneath the tree.It was the saptaparni(Indian Devil tree).
I lied over there covered in night's beauty.Melancholic calling of the owl in my ears.Accompanied with the heavenly scent of the flowers.And i wasn't aware for how long i stayed that way.Only realizing with the first dew drop falling on me that it's time for the sun to shine and fragrance to fade away with light.

Image Courtesy-Alstonia Scholaris i)The tree's Image had been edited with effects which were not in the original image.


Crystal said...

"it's time for the sun to shine and fragrance to fade away with light." This line was very beautiful.. great post!

~✯*Jela*✯~ said...

to go out under the moonlight with the night's cool breeze and nature's beauty is one thing I usually do when im alone or feeling down poured. Relaxing indeed!.
I searched that flower u said, then found out that saptaparni has a bit of resemblance with a flower here in our country. it is named as 'CALACHUCHI'. their leaves look alike, and I guess the scent, too.. only the flower differs ..

New follower here sweet!.
hope I could hear more from yah;-)


Confused Soul said...

Alcina, I have to say your narration skills are excellent. This was lovely :)

Alcina said...

Thank you :)
I thought twice before writing that line and didn't want to include it but as you say you like it,i am glad i put it across!


Alcina said...

Yes those are the two most prominent times when you wanna be with night :)
You searched for it i have never seen such a dedication from anyone till date to find out what they are actually reading about and it really made me happy :)
Hear from me more and how do you wish that to be?
Thank you for the appreciation.
Hope you had a happy visit here!!
Keep chiming..

Alcina said...

@Confused Soul
Oh! Now i am feeling shy.A girl who herself is so fantastic with narration complimenting me :)
Thank you so much!

subtlescribbler said...

hey alcina!
ur writing has something that makes d reader hooked!
loved d piece!


Ruchi Jain said...

Hey which music is this on your blog ??, i love this one, so deep and so near..

Alcina said...

If you say so :)
Thank you!

Keep chiming..

Alcina said...

@Ruchi jain
I'll reply to your mail with the answer.

La Dolce Vita said...

Alcinia, as I was reading your post something sounded so familiar..the tree that you have mentioned in it, I did not know its name, neither the native name nor the scientific one, until you gave me the info here. I saw this tree two years back ,it is near my apartment , just a walk away.The scent led me to the tree. I am mesmerized by it and hooked to its smell yet nobody in my family sees anything special in it. It bears flower in September -Oct here and I can smell it then.
Another striking thing about your post is that I also hear a certain tune and it takes me back to certain days, memories as if I am in the past right now.
Take care,

Alcina said...

@La docle vita
Well this tree pulls me too..to itself :) i feel like i have known it forever..When you know how much beautiful something is to yourself then you don't really need to get a approval of the same from anyone else :)
It bears flower in sept-oct everywhere!
That happens with most of the people..going back to past with a tune :)

thank you!
love to you too..

Mak said...

The night couldn't have been more beautiful than the way you have described it Alcina :) loved it dear.

Take care, it's not adviced to stay out whole night :)

Alcina said...

Thank you so much.I am glad that you could feel the beauty of the night.
Hehehe..there are some special occasions when you can't resist :)
Keep loving!