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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Why can't we live?

Everything we do everyday bears a mark of us sometimes considered and sometimes ignored.We preach,eat,dance,laugh,cry,rant,complain,blabber,make love,flirt...so on and so forth.When our expectations are hurt or we are crippled advancing through a situation we fall in a chain of misery.Down the hollow sphere of hopeless and mindless criticism and useless advises(which would hardly be practical).
Have you ever felt blotted with lots of things?Felt like slammed right down that it shook you down the spine so bad that you can see the powdered bone but missed the cracking pain of it.
Why does it happens that whatever we do should be according to a question,accusation,reason or condition.Life of people living on planet "EARTH" Has gone utterly hay-wired and crazy.Earlier things were easier and simple.There was no door,no handle,no luxurious houses/bungalows,no fancy clothes..yeah i am talking about early humans.But then came inventions and ideas to make life simpler as they say.But the only view i am able to perceive is total complexity.All the things that were simple and easy are made hard and complex then exclaiming questions and decoding it back to simple.
It is all according to the sociological rule that what had started once long back is going to go through several changes making it different from the starting point and then it would be back to square one.
All this goes fine but why have people lost the very essence of living life.We are pushed beyond our stamina for a day(saying as matter of fact),join the race,get pushed around and go back home feeling tired so much so that we don't know what we are saying.Situations are controlling us and we are total slaves with a priority list hanging in front of our eyes(irrelevant of the fact that we are awake or sleeping) and the things we did earlier must have been a natural automatic impulse without the need of a list.Conditions are ruling us everywhere.Whatever sanity is left is with the new born month old babies.I don't even count the kids of age 3-9 years as innocent and untouched of worlds rule cause they are pacing ahead with knowledge more than necessary and inviting all the tensions much earlier than needed.
Is it really that difficult to switch off that laptop or mobile you are carrying on the weekends or perhaps say holidays to roam around and meet family or friends.No i have a better option let's do the interaction on skype.Technology has crippled us damn bad.I remember once being with my uncle in states and in his car was installed GPS which helped navigating the route anywhere but it came with a condition(it follows everywhere) that wherever the satellite had low signal or the weather wasn't fine it stopped giving you a way.And he felt like stranded on an island cause he had lost all his memory of directions of places once the GPS had been installed.
We build something to relieve our labor but what about the labor being put to planning it and making it which does not leave you with any strength to actually enjoy what is created.
We can go on and on about this like forever.So i would only say it's fun once in a while when you don't have a boss over your head or conditions weighing you down or a deadline or a project or a plan to advance.Enjoy the days cause there may come a day when weekends or holidays become history and Homo sapiens get a new name such as Robo sapiens.
Lets live!


Fatima said...

Quite true...its like we are living in a mechanical world and the technology is ruling us..and we are its slaves!
Makes me want to r'ber the time when there was Master Slave type ruling but this time round it's man's own invention that takes d upper hand.
My bro just came and it's a coincidence we had a talk similar to it, and esp the condition of Japanese people and it makes me realize though we are not that advanced and still developing our life is not that Robotic unlike the people residing in that part of the world but it doesn't seem long when this thing will be seen here too!

This is really a very different piece of writing that I've seen from you...but it doesn't sound alien to me as I've heard you talk!

Keep Writing and yes, its high time we start enjoying the little things in life thus living life!:)

Take Care


nice one yaar... in these times no one have time to spend for their families or loved ones all they say is that is busy with works and all... But the thing is it is not something busy it is all about priorities... if we want we will :) great one yaar

sneha christall said...

yes, i completely agree d problem is im one of the robo sapiens!!

Mak said...

Alcina, you have woven the negligent fact in a perfect manner. Busy days have took away the meaning of life leaving us stranded just like the GPS.

Alcina said...

Yes..so enjoy life!
And glad you noticed that i wrote something different.Thank you!

Alcina said...

Yes very right.If we want we will :)
I couldn't agree more.Thank you!

Alcina said...

Aww..my best wishes are with you dear may you turn to homo sapien soon ;)

Alcina said...

Yep! There you go..exactly like the GPS.
Thank you so much.

La Dolce Vita said...

I enjoyed reading your post. Each sentence was meaningful and filled with realization what life is about.
You have depicted today's life in contrast to the good old days with such clarity.
God bless you,
keep writing

Alcina said...

@La dolce vita
Thank you so much for the appreciation .I don't know if was able to decipher like you said but you being elder to me i was obliged to know that :)
Love to you too!
Hope you had a happy visit here!!
Keep chiming..

P.S.-I personally love your blogger name and like to say often Dolce vita!