"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Saturday, October 09, 2010

He and She..

Lying there on the soft green grass and warm water brushing though her feet. Her gaze was fixed up on the sky which was tinted orange at that point of time. It was a crazy summer strangely with lots of rain pouring in. But today it had been a little different it was neither too hot nor too numb. She had been waiting from the noon. She raised up her head a little and saw towards the giant shiuli tree where she had parked her bicycle.
      She spots a faint shadow in the now twilight aura. She knows who it is at the first glance. A gentle and strong fragrance starts to diffuse in the air which slowly burns her senses sweetly. Gentle breeze starts flowing. A dark figure parks another bicycle beside her bicycle by the shiuli tree. Moving with brief and silent steps he moves further, hands in pocket. As he goes on coming near to her, his face illuminates with the moonlight falling on it and his eyes sparkle brightly.
   She stands up and moves for the first time during the whole duration of time that she had been waiting for him. Brushing her white frock she walks further towards him. She sees him in a black t-shirt and black jeans. He comes near holding her face up in his hand and her face also gets illuminated by the moon. She had kept her promise of smiling always that she had made to him, but today as she looked at him she couldn’t control and a tear trickled down her cheeks but a smile still fixed  on her lips. His face came closer to hers. He was breathing very heavy and it was clear to her that he has paddled his bicycle really fast. His eyes were closed. Suddenly she could  feel cold drops falling on her bare shoulders. She looked  up and saw rain pour with increasing frequency. Now she was relieved that she could hide her tears in them and still keep her promise to him. He touched her lips with his, slowly tasting them locking lips. Both  playing with  each others tongue. And the moon was still aglow in that rain. They could hardly resist the need  for  each other. That kiss was so deep, intense, eyes tightly shut, feeling each others breathe, playing soulfully and completely into each other.
  Finally her dream has come true, the wish she had, the desire she possessed. She had finally had the first kiss of her life to the man who meant so much more to her than words could  ever describe. In that moonlit rainy night, he hugged her, she was all cold and numb but he was warm and she felt secure and calm in his hug..in his blanket. And while he hugged her thousand of things ran across her mind. She held his hands and walked a bit besides that river sitting down with him and their feet dipped  inside the water. He asked what is it you want to say? His hands going over her shoulder and dangling in front of her. She took them and wrote with her fingers on his palm “I LOVE YOU”. But he couldn’t understand and she finally replied  saying “nothing”. Slightly bending her head and resting them on his shoulders was heaven for her. The all day long wait was forgotten. Now she was with him and that was of the prime importance to her.



Makk said...

You have gr888 narration skills. Indeed.

by why dint she make him know about what ever she wrote??

Alcina said...

You see it as great and make it so :)


Because she thought the time was not correct..it was not right to break the silence of that time..

Or may be she is afraid..

Or may be she wants him to ask about her feelings for him..

Ninu said...

omg.... really nice..... i felt it like a movie... :D

n really cool pic of the moon..... :)

i thot it was a part of the template...

Eon Heath said...

Hey, Hi
that moment alone is enough to spend a life time in...

beautiful write up...

The Silhouette...