"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


He heard the jingling of her trinket on her ankles. She heard his soft and steady breathe and the fragrance of him… Stealing the spotlight in the dark ambiance..A unknown but a tune so different and enjoyable was played..So it began..

Dancing and thrilling at the notes of the tune;
Grabbing the hands with utmost sophistication,
Pleasurable start to a dramatic presentation.
A lady and a guy holding each other in celebration.
Shifting places swift with  movements,
Clasping there that fragile molding.
Twists and turns a lovely bend there,
Cheering the imaginary crowd that’s yearning.
Tossing the head the hairs are over guys face,
The lady giggles and rests them back in place.
Tousled the guys hair shine just right.
Like the wine in a shaky glass,
Dwindling but balanced the throbbing One united soul.
Smile on the lips and there goes almost the final,
A kiss in the position that is just phenomenon.
Clapping here and there, Now comes the final bow,
It was the trailer of lowzing* thrown ..
Dimming the spotlight…subsiding the tune…Both are into each other for more of it..(and it’s a secret of what happens next ..Shh..!!) J

*This word does not have any meaning in the dictionary (fictitious)


mystic.payel said...

Agian you blew my mind.. :)

ayushi said...

I wish that may u write more n more and the world applauds you . God Bless you .
i feel proud to have a daughter like u :)

priyanka said...

itz amazing meri jaan.....its simply superb!!!!:D

Alcina said...

Thank you..

Alcina said...

I'll surely keep on writing :)..thanx for the appreciation..

Alcina said...

Thanx sweeto..Your simplicity caught my simplicity and then it all came simply :P ..

priyanka said...

ha ha ha ha ha......sachi???????? me aur simple?????? kaunse angle se meri jaan????:P

Alcina said...

Woh angle main tujhe kaise bataun sweeto..thoda mushkil hai lawzo mein samjhana par namumkin nahi will come in words for it soon :P
Okey simply look at yourself in the mirror and when you smile you'll will notice the simpleton :)..

priyanka said...

aaye meri jaan........tu mujhe inne achhe se notice karti hai??????? nvr knew dat.....mmmmuuuaaahhh meri jaan!!!<3 <3<3<3

Alcina said...

:) :) ..
Notice karne ki zarurat nahi padti hai khud ba khud sab kuch malum ho jata hai sweeto..BFF ;)
Muaahhh.. <3 <3

priyanka said...

he he he he he he......tujhe hi pta hai meri jaan..... baaki koi aisa nhi hai... tabhi toh puchha!!!

Makk said...

was it slow like raising tide...
or streaming like clouds teared apart by moonlight..

what ever it comes..
secret is lovely like fire of ice..


Alcina said...

Fire of ice sounds just mmm...gr99 to me the feel you wrote.. doesn't matter if it is in a statement or questioning format :P

Remains between only two embodiments :) in this lowzing effect the "secret" ;)