"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Living with dream's of you..

Missing someone with all my heart.It takes a lot to forget someone and it takes a hell lot if you want to forget yet keep the remains or lets say the memoirs related to that person.Sometimes it happens that you want to speak out something and you have the sphere the opportunity but you become speechless and you decide next time surely I am gonna blabber it out no matter how much amount of courage it takes.But it is not which comes easily the next time I mean the word courage.I have loved the time spent with you and will always cherish it no matter how far you may be from me.You have touched lots of soul as you say but You have done it differently with me.It's a piece which i dedicate to you wholly and eternally.No one will be as good as you ever and I know it for sure.Yeah I haven't had enough of life yet but i can be sure of this thing forever.I have never known that how the time passes and used to pass with you, Literally i crave for more every time.The imaginary sprinkling of rain,the silent valley,the green meadows with blue sky on top,the celebration with you of the good times,the sharing of sorrow with you of the bad times
and every next thing which i have done with you or wish to do. I feel this relation is eternal and I may have not uttered it though but around everyone does says that to me.I feel secure and complete with you.You may not be perfect I may not be perfect but when we are together we simply are impeccable.I don't take in the errors with you and neither you take of me so we become perfect. Soul mate as they say is not what you know at first glance or first sight it's a realization some take time for it some take some other things depending upon the subtlety and the compatibility.I don't long to lose you ever but In Love separation is inescapable and now i know how true it means and feels.We will be back I am waiting for you and will always wait for you let me correct the real you no matter if it takes this lifetime even .

It must've been your story it can be your story..Well never mind it wasn't mine .
But I wish every love story could escape the big truth and every girl or boy could say the three beautiful words easily to whom they wanted to.Though it can when you have the power to feel the reality in each other.And when you have finally blabbered out It's not how you find happiness with him or her but how you know the bitter-sweet feeling of having to live far from each other yet with each other(the memories of YOU).  

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