"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Coveting till immortality ..

Holding my breath in excitation,
Controlling the skips of heart in every motion.
The time I see you everything stops,
The time you hold me I am apart.
Your clasp entwining me in grip,
The warmth i feel it softens every need.
I expect from you,
I want from you,
I crave from you,
I long from you,
I covet you,
I dzire you.
I am quenched off my thirst, 
When you are with me,
When your affexion rises to reach me,
You go deep inside there in our SOUL..


simran said...

Hmm...nice written snehu..
U r a good poet :)
love reading ur poems..after all u r inspiration for me..so me following u :)
take care.

Alcina said...

:) Thank you simo ..

Well I still don't know how did you find inspiration from me? :P