"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Real love?

I always wanted to tell you how i felt with you..One day i did that and the result was that i was composed for whole of my life..but whatever i told you was not what i wanted to really tell you..of how much the love can be of how much can i do for you of how i can obey you without uttering any word...But it was not possible on the right time ,the right words didn't come up.
I am not your girl-friend,you are not my boy-friend.I love you but you don't.It hardly makes any difference to be or not to be in your world.
The moments that i have spent with you just wished that could replay them back really with you but that doesn't seem possible.Yes i am jealous for the first time in my life of somethings you do.You don't remember me, you don't have any need to remember me.If ever i fall i will take your imaginary hands,if ever i cry i'll use your imaginary shoulders,if ever i am depressed i'll recall your sprightly laugh,if ever i am very happy i will kiss your imaginary cheeks,if ever i want to feel you and rejoice i will embrace the pillow thinking its you...
Whatever may be the circumstance whatever may be the situation i would hold on to the imaginary you,the one that met me the first time,the one that is without change,the one that is core,the one that is for me...So i guess from now on i would not have to disturb you and your life yes until and unless i sense that you are unhappy.I'll be there for you always and forever.I'll always provide you the real hands to hold,real shoulders to cry upon,real laugh to laugh with,real cheeks to kiss on,real me to embrace and rejoice....

Is one-sided love only about giving,is it real and unconditional?

P.S.-It's not about me(FICTITIOUS).I was just taking up the topic which is one sided love :P...Though loved those wonderful comments.


Vivek Chamoli said...

Nice post , Love is love there is nothing small or big .its the feeling that is valued and thats what matters to one who loves someone , its not like that if you love someone you will get back as well , though there are chances of its happening but love is a force , which if ever happens to anyone changes the course of his/her life upside down.

and moreover , the feeling is more impt too ..and its the real test of a human in this scenario , how one reacts as there is Love defined in everyone's life..but we decide against it sometime...and go where we shouldn't hv ..but that the force of nature that keeps us ticking.
So true love is something where we live us above all ..egos , expectations and always its about thinking not for the person we love but also for the people around us.

Love changes our vision toward life as well.
So its good to fall in love once in life.

Take care
have a nice week

Anoop said...

omg.... tats not a happy-post.. :(

hope ur one sided love wil soon become 2-sided... :D

Eon Heath said...

Hey, Hi
its not one sided love alone, love in itself has no sides...its just one entity. Love is always unconditional...you love him. its u. he doesnt. its him. no one can ever stop you from loving him, n so it is vice versa...
love him, but dont bind ur love with chains of expectations...of that love coming back, or being reciprocated. If it does, its bliss...
love is beautiful...n so is life...

The Silhouette..

Alcina said...

What if it is more than once? :P

Alcina said...

For that matter read the P.S. that i have added now.
And i feel whether it is receiving or giving love it is always happy whichever way it is :)

Alcina said...

@The silhouette
I have had a discussion with one of a person about this expectations and after which i concluded it is not expectation but a need in love.
And therefore yeah but of course love is not bound in chains of expectations..

And i kind of go into thinking from your line that says love in itself has no sides.

Very nice comment :)

Anoop said...

hehehe... yes..i saw the PS part... :)

if its a fiction, then its good... :) hehehe....

Anoop said...

i meant, if its a fiction, then this is a happy post.. :) good imagination... :D

vaisakhi said...

omg this is sad...unrequited love gives nothin but pain...well i dont have much exprnc wen it comes to love but...i well just let dis end n ur feelings they ll suprss in due time i guess...u love him its ur choice he doesnt its his u cant do much there...so just let it pass...:)...n cheer up...

Sunakshi said...

To be honest,life's all about moving on if something you badly want doesn't come to your way..better shall always be appreciated. :)

Hope you get the one you love though. :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Had this P.S. not been added by the time I came here, my comment would have been

Alcina, Fiction? O.o o.O :D

And now that you have added it, I have nothing more to say, only appreciate. May her find a love that is returned.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Simran said...

Love is real if one feel it and belive on it.Love is unconditional whether it's one sided or both sided depends how faithfully we do and it's not important to be accepted few times but in lovers one sided love is nothing more than a pain because that fellow is not your and when you will see him with someone else it will hurt ..it will hurt so deep.But ya keeping your door open always for him is right when he will realize your love then he will surely come back to you with an acceptance :)

Nice post :)
Liked that image..
Take care

Diablesse said...

I love how you describe the topic. I always believe (maybe because i'm a scorpio) that when I love a person, it's impossible to expect the same, not because I doubt myself but because when I love it's a unique feeling. I could write about it too but it will sound sad.
I like your blog :)
Diablesse (new blogger at letmehelpme.blogspot.com)

Alcina said...

Dear please read the P.S. atleast na :)

thank you for the so lovely concern otherwise :)
So nyc of u

Alcina said...

Ya you are right in some way..but sometimes moving on is not the solution or rather heart or mind won't allow that to happen.

And ya please read the P.S. :)

Alcina said...

@Blasphemous Aesthete

A stitch in time saves nine :P
But here i guess P.S. is not visible to some or they just happen to miss it :P

thanks :)

Alcina said...

Ye fairytale world nahi..kabhi kabhi hume zindagi iss sachai ke saath bitani padhti hai ki jise hum chahte hain shayad humara ho hi nahi sakta.. :)

Anyway but we should always have a positive outlook..that hope which says someday :)

Alcina said...

Thats so nice of you to say :)
You could write about it..it may sound sad to some but happy to other because there is always two sides of a coin isn't it?

Glad you liked my blog :)

Hope you had a happy visit here sunakshi and Diablesse :) !

Keep chiming in..

meerasrajan said...

Nice story!! But sure love thrives with reciprocation. It needs a very serious lover to continue loving without that..!Unconditional love if it is one sided makes a person very vulnerable in the sense that the loved one can use it any which way they want- the issue is do some people deserve this kind of love?

Simran said...

Oh yes I need to come out :P
I know it's hard and painful too..And then hope is the only thing we live on.

Alcina said...

Well i have got quite a lot of view from everyone.But yours is totally different.
And i feel love is not done when decided..it just happens and doesn't happens with rules and regulations or terms and conditions.May be not first sight but still this strong affection grows with time a lot and you call it love,you don't realize for quite a longtime time or you realize as soon at it happens.And you don't see if the person deserves it or not as its unconditional as told :)

rivercat said...

unrequited love is powerful but a mutual love seems more precious to me. In either case its a beautiful and painful learning experience . I don't seem to have a choice who I fall in love with or who falls for me...it seems to just happen.IT is a powerful moment when you really know that the other person is in love with you, but then again, you know it can always end too...( unless youve really found a soul mate who you know is forever) I've been madly in love with someone who didn't love me and vice versa, so I suppose it's just part of life.

Crying With A Sense Of Human

Alcina said...

very true..you cannot bind anyone in your life yeah of course until and unless they are bound to be like the "soulmate"
Well if you accept it as a part of life it will be and if you don't accept it as part of life it won't be so..its just what we call 'Perception'..which possibly differs or is similar of every single human with other.

Raghu said...

U knw, u think a lot..!! this topic is one of my fav's.. I think tht 1 sided luv is unconditional..!