"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Saturday, May 21, 2011

To M/e

She was ruined deep inside but she had been en-kindled with a ray of hope to grow out of her misery and sorrows that had always played mighty tunes in her heart.She gathered some strength to utter out the words of pain that had been deep embedded in her to a stranger who was strangely called stranger but felt like someone known and well connected from longtime.
Unstoppable tears ran down her cheeks and wet her heart through and through she was going to finish on her tears soon.Sometimes crying is not bad but all the time it is not good either.She softly whispered some words in his ears.She touched him with her fingers to just make sure he is for real and life is not playing another mirage.He embraced her tightly to let her know that he resides besides her and is never going to leave no matter what.Solace that had dawned upon her after what she thought was like ages.
Time has sped past so fast she had no clue of what the world was like and neither did she had any thoughts of knowing it.Like a little child afraid of touching a hot pan with trembling hands she touched his face..from forehead..across the eyes as they closed..the nose..the lips as they kissed them...the neck as the Adam's apple made a little movement.He gulped down some air and then breathed heavily.She slowly reached his chest and could feel his heartbeat..it was so fast yet so secure and sure of it's beats.It was the night time and they were covered in the moonlight that generously fell on them to make them know that she had covered there secret and only the night,stars and the moon knows about them.If someday questions are raised they will answer there questions of true or not of their relation to them in their assurance..
She stopped right there over his chest..softly placed herself over him so that she could hear the healing tone of his heartbeat that felt like making chords to join her hearts in perfect harmony and solitariness of two lovely beings.
What was it?..she didn't know..How it happened?..she didn't know that either but she knew that whatever it was it was to her..to her self that constituted of him and her together embodied in one soul.
She heard carefully and she could hear him crying too...she didn't believe her ears as if dreaming she looked at him.He really was crying because he had never seen a angel like her in his whole life and he knew that he could not in his lifetime.Those were the tears of joy of the happy moments that he has been blessed with by the power which moves the whole world.
Time had stopped at that particular moment,she wiped away his tears with her still trembling hands.He held them and started kissing them.Slowly cascading down her arms..then her neck..her collar bone..her heart..and situated back at her lips..Only breathes collided and silence did the work of talking.
She could feel everything over her so intense,true and subtle that she was wanting to dive into the everlasting abyss of love and affection that had been let open by him to her.
Every scar made on her heart was vanishing with utmost precision of his love,every tear was engulfed by his lips,each pain was erased by his melting warmth of embrace and touch,every solitary pore in her body was joined with another companion for lifetime and each ephemeral moment of his love proliferated to become infinity.
She didn't want to be awaken if it were really a dream..she didn't want to live anymore if that moment was death and disconnection from real world.Every tint that they have seen in their lifetime seeped into the dark closure of their eyes and painted them a picture of their love.
It was not black and white(life)..it was all hues and all on cloud nine experience.It needed two beautiful perspectives to paint their love and make it real.Through the linger of fragrance of each other and taste of each other in mouth they plunged in the oceans of peace and sensuousness together though they both night have been poles apart in their definitions.
One more moment and the other to follow was her only wish but alas! time had to move and a moment of magic had to be only one and not continued forever and she saw herself parting their lips,withdrawing her hands,feeling loose and out of the soulful embrace...

And a song ringed in her room and echoed out loud and clear for her to hear..
When you're lyin' next to me
Love is goin' through to me
Oh it's beautiful
Oh yea!
Everything is clear to me
'Till I hit reality
And I lose it all
I lose it all
I lose it all. . . . .

And she sings to herSELF (M/e) these lines 

If I close my eyes forever
Would it ease the pain?
Could I breathe again?

And keeps waiting for may be a reply that may come or may not and she would have to commit herself to _ _ _ _ _

Parched the earth is dry and lifeless and rain would make sparkle it's bosom with green younglings..the question lies whether the showers would be pouring or forever decide to stay mum and let the dry earth break apart for time now and to come..

P.S.-It's fictitious!


the other side of me said...

Hey alcina

I'm wordless here..it's really nice

and I love the last paragraph..
...time had to move and a moment of magic had to be only one and not continued forever and she saw herself parting
their lips,withdrawing her hands,feeling loose and out of the soulful embrace...

Simran said...

Excellent post! :)

Anoop said...

its like..u hav been thru every phase of it... mmmmmm

nicely written.... mmmmmm...dono watelse to say.. :|

विवेक Call me Vish !! said...

i like tht last portion of post ....tht songs lot matter for me !!

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

So? was there a reply? Why are the best things always kept undercover, like love, and like the answer that she awaited.

Nice post :)

Blasphemous Aesthete