"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Thursday, May 26, 2011


This entry is submitted by me for Thursday Poets Rally Week 45,

Trembling hands picked up. 

The white transparent bottle jingled full of pills.
She read the contents and it said tranquillizer.
She opened up the lid, 
thought of popping some inside her.
But her self could not move it ahead to pour.
Bottle slid from her grip,
the rolling pills scattered on the floor. 
Blankly staring the floor she started crying.
Small sobs turned into big hysterical ones.
Sliding on the wall she thudded on the floor. 
A scrapbook laid aside, 
she slept on that numb floor and opened.
The scrapbook slowly turning through pages,
she saw and remembered....
he and she talked 
he and she talked some more
he and she met
he and she came so close
he and she confessed love
he and she hugged
he and she kissed
he and she were unbreakable
he and she never fought
he and she were the best couple
he died...
She is left...
She picks up the gun for once and for all,
a sound of click and she pulls the trigger.
She is also dead now,
and so the scrapbook is complete.


desigirl said...

wow!! i love tis...excellent wording...way to go

Anoop said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm.... :(

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Alas there is no one to complete the scrapbook, after she's gone, like the way she could have.

Nice read.

Blasphemous Aesthete

the other side of me said...

It's completed in a scary way..

They are no more apart from each other as death brings them closer..

lovely words

take care darling

विवेक Call me Vish !! said...

so so ....i just wana say क्या करूँ कि मेरी ख्वाहिशों का दायरा
बहुत छोटा है
तुम्ही से शुरू होता है
तुम पर ही सिमट जाता है !....bt climax nt like your kind! try something happiest thing !

Red Handed said...

brrrrrrr...creepy..dont you think? Life gone just in a click...

good one though

Simran said...

Interesting Climax :)

Raghu said...

y is it so sad..?

bendedspoon said...

shattering. great write though :)

tarunima said...

im speechless..the raw emotions of the loss one faces sometimes on losing our dear ones,that is inexplicable yet you have captured it brilliantly!
i like the imagery of a scrapbook!

Jingle said...

Glad to see you in.

amazing work shared.

Anonymous said...

This is such a tragic story, definitely hits you in the gut.

Anonymous said...

Oops! That sad!
The poem ( of life )is complete though!

Rup said...

simply awesome maam... really... extremely well written.!! :) :)

as if i could see whats going on instead of reading! :)

MAVERICK said...

Hmmmm, My visit though comes after ages, but my reaction is similar as always ' awestruck '. Your writings are filled with emotions, so deep, so well intertwined that one hardly looses grip of it at all. Like the poem . All the best .
Would surely make up for the lost time :P
P.S. The blog is open now :)

Andy said...

Oh my goodness!

This is so sad.
You captured love, loss inability to cope and finally death very well.

Thanks for sharing.

tOuCh said...

When two are one loss can not be half so there can be none...Very good Alcina
Thank you for dropping by

Anonymous said...

Erm, wow. This is a very powerful, though dark poem. I loved the he and she section of the poem, very effective.
The Lonely Recluse.
P.s. You made a comment on my blog, I wasn't fully sure what you meant, I'd be extremely greatful if you cleared up my misunderstanding, thank you.
The Lonely Recluse.

Anonymous said...

oh wow...very tragic ending. I didn't expect the dark ending, but I think you did a good job to challenge our comfort level. This is a brave piece. I don't think I could write something like this. Keep up the writing, and thank you for stopping by to mine earlier and left a comment.

Old Raven said...

This was a very sad and a very tough read. I hope it is "just" (whatever just means) a poem and not a reality ... nor realistic thoughts.

Purvi said...

Extremely touching and sad! Oh my.. what an irreparable loss! :(

Jessica Prescott said...

wow. sad and powerful.

the 12th line punctuation feels odd when read
missing 'at' in 8th
sometimes i type faster than i think, too

Jay said...

Gosh this is really sad. Powerful words and the depression, the sadness and the pain is very well portrayed by the words. Loved it!

Anonymous said...

Bravo, well done.

Anonymous said...

as usual everything I read from you I love. I need to take the time to read all your stuff on here. You are one of my favorite poets. Keep doing what you do :)

Beyond Horizon said...

Epic!!! It is, and am not wrong