"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Saturday, November 13, 2010

ज़िन्दगी का रुख मुड गया ..

ज़िन्दगी कुछ इस कदर बदलने लगी ,
फूल से पतझड़ की ओर चलने लगी |
रोका हमने हाथो को थामकर ,

पीछे मुडके हाथ

 छुड़ा गयी,
हम थे वहीँ देखते उसको हर लम्हा जब वो चली ,

कुछ फूल अपने से अलग किये थे ,
फिर पत्ते भी छोड़ गयी|
खाली बिलकुल हो गयी जब वो ,दुनिया हमे छोड़ गयी |

हम तो न थे ऐसे शोक में कभी ,
पता नहीं गम इस जिंदगानी में शामिल कैसे हो गयी| 
महफ़िल रंगीन थी कुछ चंद लम्हात पहले  ,

हसीं धुन गूंजी थी हवा में ,
कैसे ये शाम गम्हीन हो गयी| 
अभी तो हम थे उन खुशगवार लम्हों में ,
हाय हमसे ये कैसी हिमाकत हुई |

चले फिर हम जोड़ने धागे ज़िन्दगी से, 
कमबख्त डोर ही ख़तम हो गयी .....


P-Kay said...

Haan...life is like that..no one can perfectly predict the next moment. Better to accept whatever come its way.
But there is a U-TURN,
Which will assure you a RETURN :)

Nicely written...:)

Alcina said...

:) thank you P-Kay..

I am dumb you know so please explain these lines.. "But there is a U-TURN,
Which will assure you a RETURN :)"

P-Kay said...

The poem is about lost moments in life :) What I said, other than celebrating the past or loss, we can build all those moments again in life. Because we are human beings, we have creativity :D This life is also an illusion. 80% of whatever we are having in our life is due to our own actions. 10% due to others and 10% can be called fate (we use this word, when we fail to assess the subject, reason or result.).

I just took this concept from Darshan's post. It says " If you are heading in the wrong direction, you are allowed a U-turn.". It is very true. Nobody is preventing us to take a right step towards the happiness or peace. But we are the one who habitual to celebrate every thing in life. If it is happiness or sorrow...no problem..we are there :D

Alcina said...
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Alcina said...

Well may be in the lost moments they
have been busy with something or someone :)..

Well moment celebration should be right now right here like because nothing is obvious about the next second in our life..we may be alive or we may die..to live in the present we should stop worrying about future or past..But yes if we quote we are human we surely have this thing instilled in us to see what we have done that caused grief or happiness and that we don't do in the present(depending on happiness we do it and if it gave grief we don't do that)so as thinking that we have decided are future..

And it is completely true that our actions make us..It's i call bullshit which is destiny fate or blah blah(anything in relation)..I just can't rationalize this destiny thing..What we do we are in for the desired or maximum saying pleasure for the sake of now..I like writing,I like dancing,I like you,I like me..just for now..next not known and next never comes because everything becomes now...We cannot catch the sunlight thats a misconception we can hold it in our eyes and bring it deep down our mind and soul..we can catch our shadow in mind..It's always the perception we carry and how open we are to other conceptions,perceptions, behavior and all emitted by other fellow being.
Insaan bhed chaal chalna zada pasand karte hain toh aajkal ke insaano ko hum ek categorical name deke apne ko alag rakh sakte hain :P
Okey if i have in between diverged from the topic please pardon me :P

P-Kay said...

Wow!!! Masha Allah...Kya bat hei... so at last the nutshell brocken and the philosphy flows hahahahahahaha..great :)

I totally agree with your view...even cant give full freedom to the present :D (Kutch bhi ho..toda sa control apne haath mei rakhna acha hei...like break of a vehicle :)))

Haan..sahin kaha aap ne. Magar bhed chaal chalna insaan ka dosh nahin hei..yeh ek kism ki fitrat hei. Prakruti ne usko avasarvadi (Opportunist)banaya hei. He just act as per situations ( that is totally depend on the time of present. Thats what i said..its better to keep some control in our hand. Because opportunistic view may make us more self centered.:)

Hence thanks for the flow :) Please keep it up. Knowledge is the one, which will increase by exchanging it :D

simran said...

Wow...very nice snehu...nicely described the pain of seperation of love...and the truth of life that comes in everyone's life.

simran said...

Wow...very nice snehu...nicely described the pain of seperation of love...and the truth of life that comes in everyone's life.

Alcina said...

:).. You got lots of time to face something like fall/grief/pain/love(some particular directions yes you obviously have family and friends love for now) njoy dear Simo :)

And just try to escape it wherever possible(pain and grief) :)..And i will wish the same for in your life :)

ayushi said...

Tears in my eyes ... don't have words to write.. awesome .. muaahhh.

Alcina said...

Awwwwww...why tears..have a laughter always..tears don't suit you anymore :)

thanx..those were more than words .. Muah..

simran said...

Thanks a lot my sweet snehu..wishing the same for you too :)

Hmm you are right still I have got love..and have to face many of the feelings in life..But I know how to be happy : If we have a control on our emotions then we can face all of them easily..as in my poem..emotions makes us weak...so the main thing is that how we handle emotions in our life.
take care :))
May You Keep Smiling Always and Shine Like The Bright Sun:))

Alcina said...

:) simo