"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Broken wings..

Broken but still riding on,
She believes it's not the end.
But the circumstances force her to shatter.
Conduit is the mighty storm that has raged,
Decimating at every inch and step,
Still a bit remains and it is the core she knows.
Her palpitating heart which is bleeding, 
Breathing hard its so confined.
Her eyes fluttering,hands shaking,
Lips are cracked and thirsty is the throat.
She is deteriorating with each falling hour,
Fragmenting like the puzzled fractals.
Affinity of positive and negative is hard to choose,
She is too hollow to respond and be true.
And the unending silence prevails to rule the rest..


P-Kay said...

I felt her determination. But could you please explain me the concept ? You know am weak in poetrys :))))

P-Kay said...

Is it about a relationship ?

P-Kay said...

Congratulations ...100% full moon is in your page :))))

Alcina said...

Hmm..so you couldn't understand what was her determination for..

For the cracking and crumbling life she was living in..she wanted it to get better but it was getting worse and she couldn't decide between true or false..right or wrong..love or hate..

She was constricted in her own chains of misery :)

Alcina said...

Yep it is the relationship of life and death that is seen from the eyes of a girl who has broken badly and trying to recover hard..

Thanx :) it had to be full one day so today is just one of the day more are to come for the 100%full..And hmm..you watching that gadget..any special reasons? :)

P-Kay said...

Now the picture is clear. Great creation :)

Ya..I too like Moon :) One thing I forgot to tell you...your selection of pictures are truly amazing :) One day am planning to steal one of them hahahaha....but yet not decided which one :))))

Maverick said...

The fight against the inevitable....the yearn to question destiny's cruel play...the need to break free from the shackles that are imposed by a fate whose dominion is as repulsive as a noose around the neck laced with thorns....

Her flight in the face of the dark storm that threatens to strip her of her will...her numb being slowly cracking...wilting and withering away...exposing the only part of her that defines herself...her core...a core so violently shocked that it cannot distinguish between good or bad...so weary from her constant flight against the draft of the winds of providence that it no longer has the strength to point her in the right direction...

a poignant tale of a being wrapped in the fatal web of desires and unrealized dreams...the zeal to still remain defiant is admirable.

loved this one...tc!

P.S: apologies in case da long comment was uncalled for...bt cldnt help it!

Alcina said...

@ P-Kay
Oooohh..so what about you..how did you celebrate the full moon? :)

Hahahaha..Though i have also stole them from the place called internet :P.. you can choose and take your time and why one take as many as you wish :)

Alcina said...

Nothing in front of your composition they rock.. simply rock!! \m/

Thanks for portraying such a understanding of my piece :)..
Apologies rejected..This complimented my such a little composition :)

P-Kay said...

Thanks :)))))

Alcina said...

mention not.. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes..It is hard to choose, esp when u r in a state of sorrow, deep sorrow..I loved this piece,..

Alcina said...

Thank you zradar
felt from your comment that you could connect..

Hope you had a happy visit :)