"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Friday, June 10, 2011

First tag taken..

So here i have been tagged by Simran and i have taken it up finally..Gladly..and thank you simo for the tag!

Food-I shouldn't be grudging..anything that can please my taste buds and make me crave for it is food for me..

Color-Give me yellow and black the most..and red and purple are when i can't cheer up  ..So my favorite color my friend says you should go travel in a taxi all the time 

Animals-Please buy me a fish.Though i like the feline thingy that is cat but i still want a fish..let's make friends 

Sports-It has to be badminton and basketball..Though i really played hockey much 

Dessert-Anything chocolaty are my weakness.

Artist/singer/band-Amm...singer is mohit chauhan and sonu nigam....enrique,natasha bedingfield..Band is strings they rock bigtime.

Pair of shoes-I badly want boots..but as of now sneakers do me good and sometimes on a casual walk flotters are good.

Outfit-Jeans, cargo, Capri,short,tank top..!

Skinny jeans- Nah!!  i am fat!

Perfume-Not much but my favorite is ghost dark (men's)

Accessory-If it's really necessary then let me put on some tops..and is watch considered as one? then i have it all the time.

City-Take me to a dreamland..I am confused about this one..Mount abu,vishakhapatnam,mumbai,jammu and kashmir,Mcload ganj,australia..more would keep on. adding up..

Hobby-Irritating people,boring people,killing time,making people angry,making people sad...Huh! that seems enough i guess 

Beauty product-Kajal, lip gloss and my charm..hang on even my smile 

Snack-How about some french fries 

Holiday-Get me whole of the 365 and something something days...Take me to an island and my dream guy with me..and my holidays would never end

Movie-Constantine,Dil toh pagal hai,Spartacus..

Songs-Tune jo na kaha,jao na,nazre karam,bubbly,put your arms around me,soulmate,zindagi mein koi kabhi aaye na rabba,koi aane wala hai,tu hai asmaan mein,jane kya chahe mun banwara,banwra munn dekhne chala ek sapna,tose naina lage,there's a possibility,kuch iss tarah,beete lamhe....and the list goes on and on and on..

Guilty Pleasures-Hmm...having the darkest possible coffee ...(caffeine its heaven!!)..Talking on and on and on with someone i like to  ....getting wet in heavy rain,walking barefoot on the soft soil and smelling that awesome wet soil fragrance(wishing someone for a company but alone is also a good way to njoy!!)  ..standing by lake for long..

Hmm..I tag Eon Heath , Red Handed
, Anoop , The other side of me , Beyond horizon ,Anjali ,Tarunima, Blasphemous Aesthete!


Simran said...

Hey,It was so sweet to know about you, Snehu :)

tarunima said...

Thank you so much for the tag alcina:))
i will take it up SOON:))
btw it was lovely knowing all this about you:)
Thanks again:D

Red Handed said...

Thanks for tagging me sweetheart... :)

nd even i looooooooooove Chocolatey anything!

rivercat said...

wndrful answers. my brother bings his own beans and his own french press when he visits. he is an engineer and refining abd getting a perfect cup of coffee is his hobbby...i just like it with milk and sugar , two cups a day:)

the other side of me said...

thanks for the tag ;)

coming soon...

wow...got to noe you more ;)


cool yaar.... and thankz for the tag...

Lilangel said...

Nice knowing more about you :)

Alcina said...

glad you strung the right post :)

Hmm..nice to share here too!