"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Friday, December 24, 2010

Evangeline and Clara (Riddle talk)-I

Evangeline-Oh..Clara it was heaven you know!

Clara-How would i know?

Evangeline-So true.How would you know that 

Clara-Now tell me what you mean to say.You always have riddles for me.And that too amazes me from your practical life.Do you have time for all this after working so long.Don't you relax?

Evangeline-Hmm....Poor soul of yours, you only work,go home and then relax a bit then the other day same boring routine.Don't you feel you are no more than a machine? 

Clara-No absolutely not.I have grown up building up plans for my future and to make them successful i worked hard and now i have achieved this level of being an entrepreneur.I don't want to drop down from this level by giving thought to some other things in life.

Evangeline-Oh my dear how wrong is your thinking.Everything in life should be done with a proportion.Why do you think that if you enjoy a bit your position will fall down?

Clara-You know..Go bring me the cup of coffee on that table..

(Evangeline walks up to the table inches away and brings back the cup for Clara.)

Clara-Yeah..so what was your riddle.I ought to hear it otherwise my food will not get digested today 

Evangeline-Soft and delicate..consuming and sealing..Merging of breath and collides of feeling. 

Clara-Oh so silly..I haven't had such a encounter ever with anything.But you seem to be a all girl who has had all kinds of feeling so i would like to hear it from you.But well i can try with one more hint.

Evangeline-Okk..Though i feel you are not upto the mark for this question .

Clara-What do you mean to say ?

Evangeline-See this riddle is getting on your nerves 

Clara(composing herself again)-Heyy..no.Ok fine now stop igniting the flame so high.

Evangeline-Ok so your last and most close clue is...pursing two cups, flaming the desires,stoking fuel to recharge the battery of life.  

Clara-Ohh bull****.Stop Evangeline it really is getting on my nerves.Now tell me.

Evangeline-I told you about my boy-friend last week(lighting up with enthusiastic zeal).Yesterday we met again and we had a kiss on the Adam street of London.Where the roads were block and the snow flakes were touching each spiny leaf of the tree with utmost sophistication...

(breaking the flow of her thought in between Clara says..)

Clara-Evangeline will you ever come back to the realities of life?

Evangeline-(With a broken in middle expression.)Clara these talks are not for you.But i still take up an initiative to light the fused bulb in your boring life.But never mind will try it the next day i pose you one more riddle .

Clara-  Let's get back to work sweety.

And the same monotonous day continues in Clara's life and she with her skilled hands at typing..goes on with might typing some important details to a event.Evangeline gives her a pity look one more time and brings a smile back on her face to enjoy another Live event this evening.
As Evangeline shifts her gaze back to her laptop screen,Clara looks from the corner of her eye and gives in a wicked smile thinking that she has been able to dodge again the same question from Evangeline the countless number of time ...and it still rings in her mind back every time she finishes a riddle talk with Evangeline Why do you think that if you enjoy a bit your position will fall down?


Beyond Horizon said...

Nice flow of the conversation
we have to enjoy even when it comes for work
but time and circumstances does matter

Alcina said...

@Beyond horizon

Thank you for reading with the flow ^_^

Truly yes

P-Kay said...

Nice one Alcina. I thought the answer of the riddle must be "Coffee" :)))) I think that too match with the words hehehe.

Alcina said...


Hmm there could have been many answers but It is after all Evangeline :P and with some more posts of Evangeline and Clara you would know both of them good :P

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Wicked smile huh? Guess Evangeline has no idea of what Clara has been up to, and how much has she been enjoying, though covertly.

nice one. I guessed the riddle right beforehand, seems like my IQ is returning.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Alcina said...

@Blasphemous Aesthete


Thanks.And great man that you could guess it correct,let's see if you are able to do so the next time too.And congrats on your IQ is returning phenomena hehe..