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Monday, December 27, 2010

Evangeline and Clara (Riddle talk)-II

Clara-Hey Evangeline why you seem so low today?

Evangeline-(putting up a fake smile)no Clara i ain't low 

Clara-Oh key..So what riddle have you got for me today?

Evangeline-You certainly seem interested the first time in listening to my riddle.And wow you initiating on asking it to you.

Clara-Yeah see i close down my lappy and looking at you with full concentration and gonna hear you with full attention 

Evangeline-Hmm..Light moment with a heavy thrust.

Clara-It seems so vague,anything can be like it.

Evangeline-(now smiling actually) My riddles are always like em' sweety 

Clara-  Yeah how true you are Evangeline.

Evangeline-Can't you ever be sprightly enjoyable for more than five minutes Clara 

Clara- what do you mean to say?

Evangeline-Huh! Try to enjoy life Clara darling. Why do you think that if you enjoy a bit your position will fall down?

Clara-You know..Go bring me the cup of coffee on that table..

(Evangeline walks up to the table inches away and brings back the cup for Clara.)

Clara-So yeah continue with your mind bender miss 

Evangeline-Brings sorrow and astonishment.

Clara-Many things but your riddle how would i know 

Evangeline-So nicely exemplifies Newton's third law of motion(and she thinks in her mind "in my case only").

Clara-Oh yeah i get it (glowing with utmost joy as she thinks this is going to be the first time that she is going to be correct).It is recoiling of a gun.Isn't it? 

Evangeline-Oh no.Come on Clara 

Clara-What? We have studied it so many times in the example of newton's third law of motion i still remember.Don't you Evangeline.Oh i pity you 

Evangeline- No Clara you shouldn't be thinking up of giving an answer but thinking of the answer in your mind only 

Clara-Oh key i give up.Tell me now what is it?

Evangeline-You remember i told you about my boyfriend..

Clara-Oh no.Not again Evangeline.

Evangeline-(again with a broken in the middle expression)No,no It's different today.You know i had a tiff with my boyfriend this time and he was arguing on a very trivial thing and i got infuriated and i slapped him.


Evangeline-Now shut your big mouth  .Now i am feeling so guilty as he might have felt pain at that time.See isn't it a example of newton's third law of motion?

Clara-Oh my god Evangeline.So now what are you going to do to make him happy again?

Evangeline-I'll meet him this evening again at his place this time and not on any street.And tell him how sorry am i about yesterday and then i'll treat him with his favorite Black forest chocolate cake.Don't you think sweet will work up for my stupid act?

Clara-Oh surely with that angelic smile and sweet cake..he is surely going to forgive you.Now let's get back to work sweety.

And the same monotonous day continues in Clara's life and she with her skilled hands at typing..goes on with might typing some important details to a event.Evangeline gives her a pity look one more time and brings a smile back on her face to make up for yesterday evenings mistake,today evening.
As Evangeline shifts her gaze back to her laptop screen,Clara looks from the corner of her eye and gives in a wicked smile thinking that she has been able to dodge again the same question from Evangeline the countless number of time ...and it still rings in her mind back every time she finishes a riddle talk with Evangeline Why do you think that if you enjoy a bit your position will fall down?


Beyond Horizon said...

I am enjoying this conversation...the smileys add more emotions to it
end is awesome where you describe the thoughts of Clara

Sourav C. Pandey said...

I don't understand the girl talks, that Clara and Evangeline had. But am sure, a smile and a sorry would solve all the issues :)

And yes, your post makes me assume I am really bad with riddles, though not with mysteries! :p

P-Kay said...

Interesting :) But this time riddle was hot as it emerged from slap...I doubt a black forest can cool it :))))) Nice one Alcina :D

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Okay, I was stumped with this. Slap was the last thing on my mind. Nice.

Alcina said...

@Beyond horizon
Glad you enjoy this..the next time i would keep this in my mind and write so that i don't loose out on the enjoyment factor ever :)

That's i guess always will be the same from Clara :)

Alcina said...

If you don't understand this then i advise you talk to a tomboy not a girl,and if you do talk to a girl then you gotta be doing yes darling,correct dear,right sweety :P

Hey..look what you said..even i am bad with riddles :P..I like mysteries as you have had enough clues ;)

Alcina said...

Depends on the man completely..let's see if ever i get to describe a scene of Evangeline and her boyfriend.

Thanks :)

Alcina said...

@Blasphemous Aesthete

Never mind..atleast it was on your mind ;)

P.S.-You look incomplete without that regards thing or cheers..Where is it hmm?? :-|