"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Inside my heart..

I love you I don't know why
No answers just silent whispers and cry,
My heart bleeds at the thought of being without you;
You know you are only the one 
for whom i strive through.
I never used to be like this,
never laughed just like this,
never gave that naughty wink and a hug.
You know that you are an integral part of me.
As for i say i would take away your pain
Those moments I don't bother happy or grave
I will wish for and give you all my happiness
never see you cry just smile at its best
I had this feeling never told you of
thought just a infatuation grabbing my heart
Alas! i know it is not so as i thought
You bring me comfort just a mere Hie,
or a shying away glance coming forth in your style.
I will wait for as long as you wish
If you don't come by I"ll pray for your great life
But do me a favour a little if you could do
Stay there in my heart as if you are around 
carrying me through
Your feel,your caress,embrace and kiss
all to greet me whenever i am lost in the mist.....


Beyond Horizon said...

Alas...we wud nvr know why do we love someone...it remains unanswered...n as u said sweetly n truly we long 2 cherish those wonderful moments spend wid our beloved :) heartfelt

Sourav C. Pandey said...

Lovely! Sharing this and following you now! Your mysterious ways are too much for me to run away from! :)

P-Kay said...

Hmmmm....So you are in Love...I didnt beleive first...when I see the gadget in your glove...that I am in love...No..I beleive...Now I feel that You are in LOVE. ha ha ha ha ha

Wonderfull one Alicina :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Your feel,your caress,embrace and kiss
all to greet me whenever i am lost in the mist.....

Wonderful lines of all the poem.
Nice Read.

Blasphemous Aesthete

Alcina said...

@Beyond horizon..

Great that you could connect :)

Keep smiling always..!!

Alcina said...


Caught you ;)

Thank you for following..

Alcina said...


Words from a poet or poetess in his or her poems are not to be believed they become whatever they want to in there.And then write the feel,emotion..etc :P

I wonder after seeing your wonderful comment ;)

Alcina said...

@Blasphemous Aesthete

Thank you..Even my favorite are those two lines :)

Keep smiling always..!!

P-Kay said...

True Alcina :)

Makk said...


Alcina said...


A really big comment indeed..

Super smiles for you :D ..

Soni said...

Hey! tats a wonderful Post I happened to find u accidently and am glad i did :) Following ya!

Soni said...

Hey! Tats a Wonderful Post!! :) I accidently found u and am glad i did :) Following ya!