"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Mystery..

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Packed in Invisible cover of heart.
It denounces and even gives a part.
Filling the cosmos in an Unknown energy;
Trapped through the nets weaved so intricate.
Like the sieves filtering cups of teas,
a drop so falls it gives life a new lease. 
Melting stones to hardening the silk,
changing shape and meaning it skills.
Never can be seized not so elementary,
illusion or real still is in Clandestine.
Gives powerful corrosion, 
and so even provides kind.
It goes as soft as a breath,
even hard as a nutshell outside.
Inscrutable is The Mystery,
the feel of Love,
the feel of Eros
Coveted by everyone,
unfolds life in full artistry.. 

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Someone Is Special said...

Wow what a poem? life yes it is.. Nice work here.. All the Best for BAT..

Stop by,Someone is Special - The Mysery

--Someone is Special--

P-Kay said...

Lines are beautifull :)

Anoop said...

Nice poem and wonderful template, extraordinary music (my personal fav ;)...if i may add)...amazing! All d best for BAT17 and thnk u for dropping by and leaving ur footprint :)

Sourav C. Pandey said...

Are all mysteries as strong?

PS - I like your song choices! :)

Blasphemous Aesthete said...


I once wrote it for myself, same goes with life I guess,

Clad in flesh twas was brought to these lands,

No silver spoons to mark destiny clean,

The past sleeps unperturbed in ashes of time,

And future's nebulously clandestine!!

So is the mystery of living.

Nice read.

Blasphemous Aesthete

MAVERICK said...

one word, beautiful. Indeed love is a mystery, but as you said that the answer to it is simple, but then it lies so well deep within the tough questions that it becomes to difficult to unearth it.
But you know what the beauty remains it is one thing we never give up on trying no matter how much we fail at it.
Great poem and all the best
P.S.Thanks for dropping by

Alcina said...

Thank you SIS.. :)
ATB 2 u 2

Alcina said...

Thank you P-Kay..As i always say you have the good specs on :)

Alcina said...

My pleasure..
And glad that you liked the poem..blog template..music..I am overwhelmed :)

Alcina said...

It's a good mystery question you see :P :)

Alcina said...

@Blasphemous Aesthete

Lovely lines from you..
Hope you had a worthy visit here :)


Keep smiling always..!!

Alcina said...

ATB to u too..

Loved the way you appreciated :)

adarshs said...

wonderful artistry :) d poem added with the music made up for a guud experience :)

Alcina said...

Happy that you had a good experience :)

Thanx for the appreciation :)

Md. Muddassir Shah said...

'the feel of Love,
the feel of Eros.
Coveted by everyone,
unfolds life in full artistry.. '

I wanted to write a poem for this topic but I misjudged the time and had to do with an Ok Ok post.

I am glad you wrote the poem. I have read two poems so far and I loved your work.
Amazing words, they sink through when you read em.
Awesome work bud.

Good luck with the contest

Beyond Horizon said...

Simply sweet...loved d way u have high lighted d words...
Thanks 4 ur wonderful comment on my post :)
Best of luck!

Lost in thoughts said...

Nice choice of words!

Alcina said...

@Md. Muddassir Shah

Honored with your words :)

thanks for the luck :)

P.S.-Hope the next time it doesn't happen like this with you.

Alcina said...

@Beyond horizon

It was my pleasure commenting on your post :)

Happy that you noticed the highlights more :)

Thanks for the luck :)

Alcina said...

@Lost in thoughts

Thank you :)

Rumya said...

I love Eros (it's a theater next to my college and I've seen many mysterious love stories there) LOL :D

On a more mysterious note, let me tell you these Clandestine Love Mysteries do corrode in the end and fall off like invisible, unknown entities.

All the Best for BAT 17.

Pratibha The Talent said...

Beautiful poetry going along wit awesome art.

Alcina said...


You speak like an experienced one :D ;) :P

Thank you for taking out time and reading my post :)

All the best to you too :)

Alcina said...


Thank you for beholding the beauty :)

I like the art too :)

Sourav C. Pandey said...

How mysteriously mysterious can it get? :P

PS : Thanks for that sweet comment back on my blog, there is a follower widget on the blog or you can follow the Facebook page that you see! :)


Expecting you back, soon...

Alcina said...

The amount of mysteriously mysterious you want it to get :) it gets that mysterious..but on thing for sure..it's mystery ;)

Mention not..i will be up for more sweeter comments :D

I came back as soon as i could :)

Sourav C. Pandey said...

Mystery is another name for our ignorance; if we were omniscient, all would be perfectly plain!

So did I :)

Alcina said...


Then its a bliss..everything perfect is not so happening :)
ignorance brings mystery and that brings curiosity and that brings desires and longings and fetishes and adjectives follow..which finally become the so called "Life"..

That's so nice of you.. :)

P.S.-Currently which we are living :)(hopefully if i ain't a ghost :P ;)

Sourav C. Pandey said...

"When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained" - said Mark Twain!

Mystery is the wisdom of blockheads!

My being nice is just the peak of the iceberg, and it creates mysteries and ghostly appearances ;) :P

Alcina said...


Not really :P

I knew by birth that i am mad..
Ohh now i feel like i had achieved a big step ever since i was a baby :P

Beyond Horizon said...

Thanks a lot 4 ur lovely replies on my posts...happy that my writings made u smile...
wat else could a writer wish for...
btw I like ur name..wat does it mean?
Keep Smiling :)

Alcina said...

Mention not :)

Thank you for having a liking for my name..In Greek it is strong-minded/A sorceress who rules over a magical island.
In Italian Alcina is mistress of alluring enchantments and sensual pleasures.
Now do you like it the same? :P

You too keep smiling sweety :)

Beyond Horizon said...

I will remember d greek one ;)
btw someone has left u a msg on my post of mystery...

Alcina said...


Yeah i saw it and replied on her blog..
Should i reply there on yours too?

aativas said...

Nice poem.

Alcina said...


Thanks a lot :)

D2 said...

Lovely poetry. Very profound.
All the best for the BAT.

Alcina said...


Thank you..
All the best to you too :)

Cherry Blossom said...

To portray the mystery of love in artistic words and expressions needs true commendation. A short and unique take, sweet and yet, so realistic, one word to applaud, beautiful .All the best.

Yamini Meduri said...

before i comment about the Mystery...I would like to tell u something..!!

your blog is beautiful...its so lively..!!

now about the mystery..its awesome..wonderful poetry..!!!

All the best for BAT dear..!!!

Yamini Meduri - The Mystery

Yamini Meduri

Alcina said...

@Cherry blossom

Your blogger name is so cute :)

Thank you for the way you appreciated..

All the best to you too :) ..

Alcina said...


Thank you for describing up my blog with such nice words :)

Happy that you liked the poetry :)

All the best to you too..

Will jump on your mystery asap :)

keep smiling always..!!

Makk said...

delight found its way in dark
when its all mysteriously stark

giving a way was never a way
to embrace in, around & all the way

Alcina said...


Aahh..loved em'

:) :) :) ..

Guria said...

Wonderful! Kudos to U! ATB for BAT17 :)

Alcina said...


Sweet name :)

Thanks a lot..All the best to you too :)

Kshitij said...

Ok. I am not good at interpreting poetry to its most intended messages... but I liked what I read.

I thought the music was distracting... or, it probably did not go with the poem.

Liked the background of your blog.

Alcina said...

I liked your criticism..Ya i believe the music cud have been distracting..u cud have paused it :P..anyway

Well you liked what you read and still you don't know what it means? Lol..

Thanks for liking the background :)