"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Her shadow..

A drop fell,
it echoed in the hollow.
A light shimmered,
it dimmed in the vicinity.
She walked past the tree,
swaying and rustling the leaves.
She touched the trinkets,
they jingled happily.
She blew air on the wind chimes,
they played a hypnotic song.
She ran her fingers on the piano,
It produced a agonized rhythm.
She walked up the stairs,
swirling her way up to a room.
It was so huge filled with cobwebs.
The violin wrapped in satin lay on table,
she unwrapped it and played her love song.
Nervous and fast steps were heard hurrying up.
The door was opened of the room.
His face was shining in the moonlight,
which penetrated through the open window.
He gazed in the direction of the lovely tune.
She smelled the strong scent of him burning her inside.
He walked steadily towards her.
He held her hands and gave a long sigh.
Her nails red bright glowed in his hands.
They moved their feet to the magical symphony.
She no more held the violin,
but it played for itself.
They danced in the most ecstatic poses.
Bows and bends, twists and moves.
Oh! It was all so perfect indeed.
A howl was heard the moon was covered,
her shadow dissolved in front of him.
The night was gone and;
A drop fell,
it echoed in the hollow.
A light shimmered,
it dimmed in the vicinity.



Anoop said...

whr did she go???? :O

melted in thin air?? :O

Red Handed said...

@Alcina- beautiful...every little detail...the walk...the yearning...the desire....the thought...the music...everything can be pictured in my head.

rivercat said...

magical and warm <3

Eon Heath said...

Hey, Hi
and i still wonder, why is it that love and romance always play in the dark corners of the heart with a read hue accenting it...
what takes the purity of love to make it so painful? why is it that, what is doomed looks so beautiful and true from a distance?

i do not know, but i still wonder...and these lines here, only makes it deeper...

The Silhouette...

Jingle said...

breath taking alike.

Bless your day.

Raghu said...


विवेक Call me Vish !! said...

its really touchable ....why it happen? bt there is no answer anyone... !!

JAi HO Mangalmay HO

Vivek Chamoli said...


Nice fiction cum Poetry .. :)
like the prop you have used

Take care.

Hema Nimbekar said...

loved the magic you create by words...truely beautiful and magical...keep writing dear..

Alcina said...

Now you knw ;)

Alcina said...

Glad could create the picture :)

Alcina said...

From comment i feel you are flowing :) thanks

Alcina said...

these questions are surely everlasting and they would be answered on the right time at the right place to the correct state of you :)
Thank you so much!

Alcina said...

thank you..

Alcina said...

u see it so :)

Alcina said...


Yes there is none and there are so many :)

Alcina said...

thank you..could you guess what was the prop though?

Alcina said...

@hemu di
Sure..keep entering the magical island and i shall treat you with the magic of words :)