"The hardest of all is learning to be a well of affection,and not fountain,to show them that we love them,not when we feel like it,but when they do"

Monday, April 18, 2011


This entry is submitted by me for Thursday Poets Rally Week 42,

The night was cold.
Atrocious with it's parky winds.
Bare my body laid on grass.
Shivering was witnessed for quite sometime,
all of a sudden my body was numbed.
The tears that were rolling down, 
were as if frozen in the time.
I was remembering all our moments.
And my heart was crying deep down.
The enchanting darkness of night enveloped me.
I tried and carried my being through memories.
To revive you as fresh as dew. 
First all that came was haze,
but the more i fell in the abyss it became clear.
Rain drops touched each skin pore,
and i felt almost ecstatic.
A diabolic spirit that roamed around,
stung me and returned to it's hide.
My blood was mixed with deadly poison,
the Scorpio had got on it's victim's plight.
And with the hushing voice of my breathe,
the splashing sound of drops on me.
My eyes opened up as if staring zenith.
The sweet smell of wet soil, 
that penetrated through my senses.
I found solace lying there cold and dead.

Accepting the award whole heartedly,
thanks to Jingle who presented me this!
and i nominate Kevin Lamb as rules state
Wish Thursday Poets Rally 42 best place!


rivercat said...

This is beautifyl and it seems to look at a relationship this way,
describes better than an other :)

Raghu said...

Nice one..!!

Beyond Horizon said...

Pain, suffering, cry of a heart, then the ecstasy, the soul experienced everything, still cold, yet it did find solace!


Sri Sri said...

I don’t know if there a better way than this to describe the plight of a person dying
lovely piece

Eon Heath said...

Hey, Hi
i wish those memories come to me too...i wish those rain drops wash me too...

The Silhoeutte...

subtlescribbler said...

hey..first and foremost i liked ur name alcina :)
ur poetry is dark yet those things somehow connect together to provide eternal relief about much pain and turmoil. Thats how i seem to believe it...
will definitely read ur other works too!


vaisakhi said...

pain n sufferin....beautifully penned....loved the end...:)

Debra Ann Elliott said...

Wow! What powerful words. Thank you for stopping by.

Jingle said...


Happy Weekend.

bendedspoon said...

This gives me chills. Beautiful :)

Krisse said...

It's amazing how one can make death sound so beautiful and complex with poetry, great poem!

Jingle said...

thanks for the nomination and acceptance.
bless your Friday.

Anonymous said...

I really love this poem. I have always been attracted to the sad parts of the Human Condition. And I also think this is the coolest page I have seen so far. Awesome job. I look forward to reading more and following you. Thanks for your wonderful comment on my post for the rally. Much respect Swan


tOuCh said...

Like it very much and love your page,Thanks for your wonderful comment and yes you can copy the picture.
Thank you again!

Butterflies of time said...

A death made immortal with the depth of feeling and ammazing expression of your words.Lovely ,deep write.

Paulami said...

very powerful. beautifully written.

Vinay said...

very beautiful and powerful Alcina! :)

My Post Is Here

Saumya said...

solace lying there cold and dead.....too deep and touching!!

li said...

Love how you utilized all of the senses in this piece!

Anonymous said...

My dear, your words are beautiful.
They remind me of the enchanting words of John Keats!


Blood Is Red said...

Death could be something beautiful and yet scary!!

Nice work,Alcina

Anonymous said...

Painfully powerful...

Alcina said...

Thanks a lot

Thank you!

@Beyond Horizon
Yes rightly said..Thanx

@Sri sri
death is the only witness of it then i would say..thank you

Alcina said...

@Eon Heath
Wish is the only weapon that makes a person happy even in the saddest of times.
thank you!

Alcina said...

Thank you very much..glad that you could understand it..
Thanks for visiting..hope you had a happy visit here!

Keep chiming..

Alcina said...

Thank you dear!

Alcina said...

Thank you..
And you are welcome.

Hope you had a happy visit here!!
Keep chiming.

Alcina said...

You are welcome.

@bended spoon
It was meant to be so..wow you could experience it.Thanks!

Alcina said...

thank you..

Hope you had a happy visit here!
keep chiming..

Alcina said...

:) . . *sadness*


Thank you!